Ana Alic | Stylist, Actor and Blogger
Embracing a wanderlust spirit, creating with a sustainable heart and high vibing with the moon
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Hi there! Welcome to my creative space where I talk all things fashion, travel, wellness, moon parties (what’s a moon party? Find out here), filmmaking and creating a sustainable planet - nature lover for life. I am Canadian born, Croatian in roots, both my parents hail from the turquoise-water homeland. I grew up firmly in the culture and never realized how much that influenced my love of travel and wanderlust spirit. I get all my fashion love from my mama and my do-it-yourself attitude from my dad! I am a gemini through and through, with many creative sides; this creative life extends far beyond acting, honing my skills in script writing with both short and feature-length projects, with styling bringing colours and a vision to life, and producing finding creative solutions to make dreams into reality. All of my creative pursuits lead me home, each one needing the other to tell the story and to cultivate my artistic life.


I am infinitely inspired by nature, always seeking to create with a sustainable heart. I spent many years working in the medical field, always curious about science and health. This sparked my interest in wellness and living the best and healthiest life possible. Those years taught me that everything is connected, when we care for our health by living the most sustainable life we also care for the planet and for each other. I eat a mostly vegan diet (chocolate is my weakness, I have slowly learned to accept dark chocolate) and always look for ways to live, create and travel sustainably. This love for the planet has brought me to many a protest, the climate reality project and now creating my own organization called The Sustainable Love Movement, find out more about this blossoming new venture and how to join along!


I love talking all things astrology, moon cycles, and getting witchy with my never ending collection of crystals. Coffee and meditation go hand in hand, I prefer yoga and a hike through the woods and enjoy the occasional beer but I won’t deny a glass of wine with my Aussie roommate either. I collect vintage clothing and furniture, always down for a live concert, add a harmonica and banjo and I am in love. Photography has become a passion for me and the basis for my feature script, A Moment Life Forever. I live for a road trip and plan to someday have my very own off-the-grid cabin with a garden. I hope you enjoy this space where I share all the things that inspire me, let’s make art and spread love and always high vibe to the moon and back!