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Big Sur Love

Ahhh Big Sur is like your first sip of coffee in the morning or the first fall day with the perfect smell of crisp air and the coziness of a sweater. It feels really magical to me, and I know I use that word alot, I love the idea of magic it makes life that much sweeter and mystical, and in this case I believe this place is magic. The kind of magic that can heal a broken heart, or the kind of magic that brings you to a cabin amongst redwoods that feels like a dream because it is a cabin you only thought existed in your wildest dreams. The smell of the redwoods is palpable, I could drink it in, it felt like it was engulfing my spirit and invigorating my veins with earthly life. And everywhere I looked I was mystified by mother nature, the stunning turquoise blue ocean, the giant trees, the mountains in the distant, the wood cabins, the golden sunsets. Everything is pure beauty and had me thinking how lucky we are that nature just does this, we don't need to will it, it just does. It was such a stunning example and reminder for me to keep fighting to protect it, to keep having hope that we can take care of our earth again, to keep talking about my environmental passions because that resounding sound must be heard and I know other people hear it too. 

We ended our final night with the new moon. This new moon was in Libra and it was also the black moon which signifies the second new moon of the month. I think because I was in California I was able to witness this event (based on timing, some received it on October 1st). This also means that I will be able to experience another black moon on October 30th, with a huge new moon celebration on the 31st with my new moon tribe. I created an intention list, gazed at the stars, saluted the cosmos with my pumpkin ale and had the perfect evening with my family. It was a time for me to start anew, heal my wounds, and give thanks. This new moon was all about the return to love. And for me that has been a return to my rituals of self love. I cherished every moment in Big Sur, I was in my favourite place during a powerful lunar event and was reminded of the things I love and want to accomplish. Thank you Big Sur for always bringing me back to myself and showing me the power of nature.

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