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Eve Cork

I get oh so excited when my passion for the environment and fashion collide. When a fashion brand puts environmental consideration at the forefront of their design they are creatively changing the landscape of the fashion industry. I love this concept of creation based firmly in creating a sustainable world, everyone wins when we do this! Eve cork is this brand and have created gorgeous handbags and jewellery from vegan, ethically handmade cork material. This cork comes from the cork oak forest in Portugal. This cork is a renewable resource and biodegradable. Not only is this incredible for our environmental but the designs are so gorgeous and fashion forward. This is where I believe (and hope!) the future of the fashion industry will be about. You do not have to lose beautiful design by choosing methods of creation that are better for our planet and in turn better for all of us! I was so happy to receive these products and style them up with my signature boho style. Because it is getting chilly here in Toronto I added this super cute and soft Faux Fur (it's not real people!) coat from my dear friend and local designer Jordan de Ruiter. Once again proving that you don't need to lose your fashion sense by switching to vegan and sustainable products. Check out the Eve Cork website for more of their beautiful products and more on their sustainability practices. 

Working with the incredible photographer Angela Lewis and my gal Alison Sharp making me so sparkly with Hair and Makeup, we shot at the gorgeous and christmassy Sweetpeas flower shop on Roncesvalles. 

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