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Realigning For The New Year

As we step into this new year as it is with every new year we want to grow and expand, take the lessons, the scars, the failures and the high vibing moments and transform them in a new beginning. Instead of resolutions I am working towards a realigning. This realignment is about stepping back, taking the time and connecting your lower vibration to align with your higher self. Change and expansion are constants, its the only guarantee we have, and the beauty comes in collaborating and allowing the shifts to take place and embracing the change. How can we realign to make life sweeter, grander, more magic driven and more purposeful? These are the ways I will be realigning for the new year. P.S. I am no expert on the subject, these are things that work for me but there are beautiful resources out there by the real experts! 

Surrender - Ahh how good does it feel when we just let go. A big lesson I had this year is that resistance is fear of losing control, and once we allow and surrender things will align (the magic word) to our highest good. Letting go and letting the universe do it's thing is simple to comprehend but so much harder to practice. Our perception of what happens to us can literally affect our bodies, for me this usually comes out as anxiety and it's all created from my mind. How do we get back into alignment and surrender? Recently when I feel my mind racing I stop, assess my thoughts and start to integrate a positive mantra. Wayne Dyer (one of my faves) talked about this in his I AM discourses, he believed that it is a powerful and holy mantra that affects what is brought into your life. Saying things like I am love, I am health, I am peace, I am happiness....will change your current alignment and help you get to the lovely high vibing place we all want to be in. Also you can just take a step back, give up your problems to the universe, breathe and watch the magic start to happen around you. Also remember things are happening for you and not to you! (Thanks Alchemy with Ambi). 

Rituals - The new moon occurred right before the new year on December 29th. This was the perfect time to take the night for some self care and new moon rituals. These are rituals you can integrate every month which is what I do at my new moon parties. It has transformed my year and is the thing I look forward to every month. It's a sacred night you can take to realign every month and reassess what you want for your life. For this last new moon we took some time to write out a list of things we want to create and accomplish for this new year. Writing things down is a very powerful way to manifest, it's your love letter to the universe. It can be simple or big, anything your heart is telling you, this is your time to dream. Another ritual I incorporated is choosing a mantra or word for the new year. Something that has been coming up for me this month and something I wanted to cultivate and are now my words for the new year is Love and Purpose. It is almost like I am creating a theme for the new year. I also like adding some candle and incense rituals and salt baths. My latest obsession is quartz charged bath salts and every time I am feeling the stress from the day I create a sacred and meditative bath. Whatever brings you peacefulness, create time for it this year. 

Meditation - I have incorporated a meditation ritual this year that I am proud to say I started last new years and stuck with it! I cannot explain enough how important meditation has been to my life and all the health benefits that come with it. I can't tell you how many times this year I have seen an old friend and they always comment on how calm, peaceful and happy I seem, they see the shift that has occurred and I am never surprised to hear it. It can be as simple as focusing on your breath for 5 minutes. It takes practice and time but eventually you will feel the difference. 

Travel - This is so important to me. The more I travel the more I want to protect our planet and do everything and anything to decrease my impact. There is so much beauty in the world for us to explore. Be a curious traveller this year and see how quickly you will realign to your potential. Places I want to go this year: Iceland and Bali, they are on my list. 

Be what you want to manifest, practice mindfulness, create a ritual and get into high vibing. Happy New Year!

ana alic