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I have been taking some big risks lately. To some they may seem tiny but for me living in a space where its truly about the day to day and you don't know when your next paycheque is coming in, it feels big. I decided to leave a steady job to feel like myself again, to allow myself to fully embrace a life as an artist and to push myself beyond my boundaries. Living in moments instead of what ifs has been so freeing and so scary all at the same time. But I am realizing that fear is just a feeling, its not going to affect your life in a real way, its just going to be there when you do things that don't feel comfortable. Im liking the uncomfort, its bringing me to new places and really testing my faith in myself! I really feel like I am creating the life I want, choosing to pursue things that fuel my soul instead of drain it, choosing to see life as possibility and abundance, choosing myself and not allowing myself to feel shame in trying and possibly failing. Many of my friends have asked me how I stay grounded and how I maintain a spiritual life. I want to share some things that have helped me get to this point, have brought me so much happiness in the daily moments. 

Meditation // Without a doubt this practice brings me the most clarity and freedom. Silencing the mental clutter for just a moment brings so much richness to my day. When I am feeling lost I turn to meditation, even if it doesn't always give me the answers it helps me to breathe again, and we all need to get back to our breath. 

Ask for what you want // I took this from one of my favs Gabby Bernstein in a recent video she posted. I love her new book The Universe Has Your Back and found so many amazing principles and daily practices to really vibe with the universe. Every thought is sending a message out. I have had some trouble with this as I am usually wanting to do too many things so my thoughts are cluttered! But when I really sit down and clear my mind I can ask what it is I truly want. Then I visualize it happening as if it has already occurred. 

Thank the universe // I have been saying thank you every morning. Gratitude changes things, it shifts your perspective and gives you a beautiful place to begin. You will start to see things shift in your life when you find moments to thank the universe. 

Love // See everything as a veil of love. Love yourself and others as fiercely as you can. Approach hardships with love, approach people with differing views with love and truly approach yourself with so much love. When you can love yourself everything else seems to fix itself. 

This beautiful and natural beach shoot was conceptualized, styled and photographed by Kelsey Davis. She took me out of my comfort zone (I want to wear all the boho colours all the time!) and really had me feel authentic and natural in my skin. We woke up at 5:00am to take photos at dawn and we were the only ones at the beach after the rain settled. She has a softness and ease to her which made me feel so free and a bit wilder...

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