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Spirit Babes: Ines Heals

Photo:  Liana Carbone 

Photo:  Liana Carbone 

I was first introduced to Ines and her work through my dear friend Alison and the power of instragram! Ines Radjenovic is an esoteric astrologist and healer and one bad ass entrepreneur to the cosmos. Her work feels personal and inviting, like sitting down for tea and reading astrology love matches with your bestie. This authentic spirit and grounded spiritual work is what drew me to her and her amazing services and what has me wanting to take a road trip to attend one of her workshops in Montreal! I am so excited to have her as the first spirit babe, a new series on the blog diving deep into the topics of spirituality and the cosmos with inspired women who are leading the way. We get into all the good stuff: health, wellness and whats up with all the love vibes in the cosmos this month. Grab a cup of coffee or maybe some moon dust (its a thing, check it out!) and enjoy my enlightening interivew with Ines. 

How did your journey begin? Do you think you were guided to this purpose?

I have always felt that my birth in itself was the initiation into this journey of healing and seeking wholeness, as I was born with eczema, which I have struggled with throughout my entire life. In the pursuit of my own health and well-being, I was led to many different alternative healing modalities, some with which I connected deeply and now work with in my practice. So I believe wholeheartedly that my purpose and journey thus far have been divinely guided, and have many proofs of the way that angels have worked on my behalf (as they do for us all).

How can people utilize astrology in their life?

Astrology is an immensely useful tool for understanding the energies at play in our collective reality and within ourselves. If self-knowledge is the ultimate form of personal empowerment, than there is no better tool for achieving that knowledge than through the lens of astrology. It allows us to identify patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour that are interwoven into our energetic fabric. I use the concept of energetic affinity when it comes to astrology; that we are all tuned to the specific qualities and experiences of the signs and planetary conversations that make up our unique natal charts. The purpose of understanding these in a profound way is to actually liberate yourself from the influence of the planets and constellations in order to become a self-directed and divinely guided being. In intimately knowing your energies, you can begin to understand how you disempower or empower your journey, and this is extremely valuable for those who desire the creation of their own realities.

Photo:  Liana Carbone

Photo:  Liana Carbone

Can we talk about the astrology that is going on right now in this month and the coming months!? I don’t know what’s going on with the cosmos but romance is high vibing for all of my friends right now! Is this romantic surg connected?

Well, we have just come out of Libra season and moved into Scorpio season, and these two signs are all about partnership/marriage (Libra) and what happens when deep love and the exchange of auric energies through sex and sexuality (Scorpio) inform our experience of reality. So it’s no surprise that a lot of relationships begin in the fall, following the natural Libran urge to couple up before winter, and grow deeper with Scorpio’s desire for sexual intimacy and a more profound emotional connection. As the season of fall is also connected to release and transformation in nearly every alternative healing modality (Ayurveda, TCM, etc.), we are also likely to end old relationships that are no longer in vibrational alignment with us during Scorpio season (also a sign of endings/transformation), so there is definitely a lot around our relationships at this time!

If you want to keep up to date with astrological happenings, I write monthly New Moon and Full Moon horoscopes on my website and post daily astro guidance on instagram @ines.heals !

You just launched a line of zodiac blends! Give us the scoop on this unique flower essence blend.

I’ve been working with Flower Essence Therapy for some time now and started using my clients’ astrological natal charts to create custom blends designed for healing and mediating their specific emotional needs. The two married together so well and the blends were so well-received that I decided to create a line of Flower Essences tailored to the needs of each Zodiac sign. They are meant as an introduction to working with Flower Essence Therapy, which is a form of vibrational healing that, when introduced into our bodies, works to level out our emotional imbalances and destructive tendencies. If you are serious about working with the healing power of Flower Essences, my suggestion is to try the blends for all three of your primary Zodiac placements; that is for your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign, and to be curious about what the essences unveil about your emotional tendencies. They are available for sale on!

Photo:  Liana Carbone

Photo:  Liana Carbone

Cancer essence.jpg

What is it like being an entrepreneur in the astrology world, amongst all the other amazing services you provide!? How did you take the leap into creating your own business and how do you navigate the peaks and valleys of being your own girl boss?

I absolutely love what I do and my desire to be self-made and self-directed meant that there was really no other option than entrepreneurship. So although it was scary in the beginning to leap into self-employment and business ownership, I didn’t have any other choice! It’s amazing how once you commit yourself to your decision and to your life’s path things just fall into place. I have met some incredible women over the last year since opening my practice, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support and inspiration. Gotta give a shout out to my friend and collaborator Liana Carbone, photographer and founder of HAVEN Creative Space where I’ve done many workshops as well as Ilichna Morasky, a good friend of mine as well as my graphic designer. Creating community and nourishing other entrepreneurs is so important because we all know that it’s not necessarily the easiest path! One thing I am learning re: the valleys of being a girlboss is that self-care and receiving regularly from other healers is extremely important. Sometimes I am just going and going for a month straight only to come into a more still period and find myself exhausted and my body inflamed. Making time for my own healing is super important, and something I’ve been neglecting while trying to take care of everything/everyone else.

Do you have any daily rituals that you believe are musts in your healing journey and those of your clients?

Absolutely, I live off of daily rituals! I need them in order to function well and to feel grounded. Some rituals that I connect to especially are wealth affirmations (every morning while making my bed…), herbal teas with breakfast and throughout the day, expressing gratitude in moments of difficulty, nightly oleation with warm coconut oil followed by a candlelit bath with essential oils, and a nightly decoction of ashwagnadha with almond milk. Like I said, I live off of rituals, lol. As for my clients I know that everyone is going to come into their own preferences for what grounds them and keeps them going, but I generally offer affirmations and custom herbal tea mixes as a start.

Photo:  Liana Carbone

Photo:  Liana Carbone

There seems to be so many different healing practices now, how did you find the right one that worked for you? Where should those interested in these practices go if they are just beginning to dip their toes in the water?

There are definitely a lot of different healing practices out there, and even I sometimes fall into the trap of comparing myself to other healers and their unique combinations of healing modalities. However, I have always had a strong intuition and a belief in following the path of least resistance. I am also a person who learns through doing, which has helped me to get things going. I sometimes find people become paralyzed with options and with their own pressures to “be ready” but the truth is you are ready when you say go. I have never been good at conventional methods of learning, so I am largely self-taught in my healing modalities, aside from receiving a small apprenticeship from my energy healer who initiated me into the world of Reiki. My advice would be to take some Wild Oat, Scleranthus and Cerato Flower Essences (lol!) and to stick to what you enjoy doing most and what naturally interests you. Don’t let the pressures of what other people are doing or what other people say to take away from your own natural inclinations and the expression of your healing gifts. I went to a two-day training for Reiki 1 wherein the instructor was trying to force their method onto all the naturally gifted and curious students who just wanted to express their unique healing gifts and I found it extremely sad that most of the people, so uncertain being so early on in their journeys as practitioners, were impressionable to this kind of dogmatic way of teaching. Naturally, I didn’t return for the second day of training, and the point of my sharing this with you is that no one should have authority over what you intuitively sense and the healing you want to explore! Future healers, have faith in your approach and allow curiosity to guide you forward. You are your own teacher.

What is your sign?

From that last spiel you may have guessed that I’m an Aquarius Sun, haha. My rising sign is also Aquarius and my Moon is in Pisces.

You are based in the super cool city of Montreal. What are some of your favourite secret spots and the best places to get zenned out or grab a bite?!

I have lived in the neighbourhood of Mile End since moving to Montreal so I feel that I’m totally biased in my response to this question! But I absolutely love this area and would suggest Snack n’ Blues for a nice unpretentious night of good music, and also the Tuesday night Jazz jams at Diese Onze! I am a big music lover and most of my outings in this city revolve around music. A nice spot for a meal would be Crudessence if you’re into raw vegan food and aside from that there is a great place for cheap Indian food called Pushap! As far as places for zenning out, I have had many transcendent experiences at HAVEN so I would recommend checking out a workshop there if you get the chance!

What are some of your favourite:

  • go-to-blogs on spirituality

My own! Haha but seriously, I can’t say I frequent too many other blogs on spirituality! I can supplement by saying that I do follow the work of Caroline Casey, a shamanic astrologer that I’m very fond of, as well as the work of a fellow astrologer I connected with via Instagram, Claire Cosmetique.

  • Crystals

I’ve been connecting a lot lately to Lepidolite! In my all time fave category, though, you’ll find Rhodochrosite, Flourite, Blue Lace Agate, Dendritic Agate, Yellow Citrine, Lemurian Quartz and Chrysoprase.

  • Travel destinations that will keep you high vibing

I will let you know as soon as I get the chance to go! I would like to make a trip somewhere warm this winter as the last leg of the cold season can be pretty exhausting here in Mtl. But definitely it will be somewhere warm. For now, I’ve contented myself with the odd trip to Toronto, and even visiting my hometown of Edmonton has always been surprisingly nourishing for me.

  • Time of year

Late spring! I love when the trees fill out and the leaves are soft and light green. I am obsessed with flowers also so I love when they’re in full bloom in everyone’s front yards.  Although as a winter baby and a person who grew up in Edmonton, I will say I tend to feel pretty creatively inspired during the winter season.

What does spirit mean to you?

Spirit is the divine essence of the Creator that animates our universe! It is yours to connect with whenever you choose and that is your greatest power.

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