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Accepting Mercury Retrograde


Here we are! In the middle of it and dare I say this might be the most revealing and heart opening retrograde of them all for this year. Mercury is going retrograde in Sagittarius, a time of serious self reflection, bringing up old wounds and digging deeper to uncover truth as Sagittarius is the truth seeker. The truth of how we are really feeling about ourselves, our limiting beliefs and finding a new way to look at the world that is soothing and loving. Mercury rules communication, relationships, travel and truth so if you are a Gemini like me and your ruling planet is Mercury and you go on a trip during the retrograde it is going to hit hard. I was also off the grid and really left alone with my mind in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hawaii, and my emotions were all over the place! I had a beautiful time and am truly grateful for this retrograde kick in the ass because it allowed me to really see what ideas I was holding onto that were really not serving me. In the firm belief that our words are powerful tools for transformation I want to speak of this time with grace and love. No matter how challenging this time may feel we always have a choice to see things with love and find the joy. Cultivating joy is the number one thing you can do to change the vibration of everything else around you! Joy is different then happiness, joy is deeply rooted, it takes effort and is something you must seek. 

Here are the things I am doing RIGHT NOW to help me accept this mercury retrograde...

Meditate // I have been slacking on this one and I am getting back on it because it is so important. Meditation has brought me so much guidance and wisdom and brings me into a different state which is important for transformation. This morning's meditation gave me the mantra: I am worthy of love....SELF LOVE!! its the answer and the transformation. 

Change your state // To change your story you must change your state. Creating a new story is a practice, it needs repetition for it to sink into your current story. A great way to do this is writing in a journal every morning with positive affirmations of I am... Create an environment that will facilitate the change of state, light some candles, sage, go for a run, create a space that optimizes the change of story. 

Write a love letter // What in your life is the presenting problem, what is holding you back, what is affecting your capacity for joy? Write a love letter to that thing! See it for what is it, embrace it, take the lesson from it and send it love. Love energy can transform and bring us out of victim mentality. Whenever you can send love.

Try not to take things too personally // Remember that everyone is going through this retrograde too so people may not relate to you the same as they always do! Be gentle and easy on these experiences and remember that we cant rely on others to bring us joy, our joy comes from ourselves.  Focus on your own vibration and others will naturally follow. 

This is a great time to focus on ritual. I will be hosting a new moon party which will be all about creating positive transformation for 2018, visions boards and all! 

Sending love and high vibes! xo

ana alic