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Self Love For Valentine's Day

Let's cultivate self love every day and then remind ourselves on the love day itself, Valentine's Day. It's taken me many years to do this thing called self love that so many of my spiritual gurus preach, and preach they should! It has become a daily cultivation, takes work and care, as it shall be, because when we can love ourselves truly we can love others better, we can love our planet better, we can love and be love. We all have that negative chatter in our minds telling us we aren't worthy of love, and it flows in and out, exhales and inhales, but we can change the dialogue, change the love pattern in our own minds. By just being we are worthy of self love. With so much turbulence in the world right now there's never been a more important time, because loving others starts with loving oneself. With Valentine's Day, the ultimate day of love, let's choose this day to celebrate ourselves!! Whatever your relationship status lets take the day to show ourselves some love, and hey getting some flowers never hurt either (ahem I love flowers). 

So how can we be the love we want to see in the world and have a beautiful love filled day? Here are some love tips for how I cultivate self love.


Start your day with coffee and some gratitude. We are here in this beautiful planet spinning in orbit with all the stars and our very own moon! Find something, anything that you are grateful for and watch as it expands. It can be as simple as I am grateful for the sunshine today, shift your perspective and find that little beautiful something. You alone can decide what that is and no one can take it away. This love day I am grateful for finding things that I love and celebrating the day on my own and loving it. 

Rid yourself of comparison 

Something truly magical happened when I stopped comparing myself to others. And I mean real magic. In January I took a social media break for 3 weeks and for that time there really wasn't anything online that I would compare my life to. I was left with more time, more of my own thoughts and plenty of space to meditate. This made me more focused and kept me high vibing which turned into me booking a job in Jamaica! Now are these events linked? I really don't know, but all I know is that I felt better about myself, took time to cultivate love for myself and then something beautiful happened in my life. I wrote a list at the beginning of the year of all the things I waned to create this year and on that list was travel and get paid for it...and it happened! Now I am back on social media and I do find so much inspiration and value in it, I think balance is key and knowing yourself enough to take a little breather when the comparison starts brewing. There is no one in the world like you and there never will be, find the magic in that. 

Follow your bliss

The world is abundant. It may not feel like that sometimes but I choose to have a mindset that abundance is all around us. I choose to think this way, and choose is the optimal word here. We can choose to see something a different way. If this is all true then we all have the ability to do the things we love. I have found that I feel so much love and bliss when I am taking a photo, traveling to tropical places, having late night chats with my Aussie roommate, working on a script, being on set, hiking in the woods, hosting a moon party... I always try to follow the pulls in my heart, what do I love, what calls me? These things bring love into my life and let self love float into my world. 

Celebrate other love

What love story do you admire? What love story do you want to cultivate? Imagine it, cherish it, believe it, bless it, thank the stars that you can witness examples of it and if it calls to you, then it's meant for you as well.

Be of love a little more careful than of anything - E.E. Cummings

This Valentine's Day I am celebrating me! wearing beautiful lingerie pieces that I love from my lady love Jordan de Ruiter. I will be setting aside time to meditate, buy myself some flowers, eat candy and watch a cheesy rom-com and loving every moment of finally settling into a time in my life where I love my life, my journey and...myself. 

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