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Jamaica Love

Everything about my trip to Jamaica was magic. The way I received it, the people I met and had soulful conversations on our veranda with and the lush and vibrant scenery was all magic. You can feel the mysticism when you are there, maybe it's the vibe of the people, or the history, or maybe it's the gorgeous landscape and the pastel sunsets, so much beauty its hard to digest it all. 

So how did I land in Jamaica? It was the dream job, being flown to a tropical location to do a job you love surrounded by insanely talented humans who were all kind and wise and shared beautiful stories. There were a ton of struggles as an actor this year, just trying to keep motivated and keep moving forward. And it was through a three week social media cleanse that I auditioned and booked this magical commercial job. It was also something I wrote on a list right before the new year that I knew I wanted to create. It was like the universe saying hey girl we hear you, keep going, beautiful things can happen. 

I would wake up and sit on our porch drinking my coffee and looking out at the ocean and chatting with my new friends and just in total awe and amazement that we were there. And we all felt that we were suppose to be there, a reminder that the things that are for you will be for you. Keep the vibrancy of your work going, be passionate in your mind, let the pieces fall into place because you never know when you will end up in Jamaica, or your version of it!

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