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High Vibing

High vibing has become part of my daily vocabulary, so much so that even my roommate has adopted it and it has become a normal term at her work! I really feel like I came up with the term (I know I didn't ha) and it means getting yourself into a higher vibration, turning it into a verb: high vibing. So what does that really mean? Every thought and feeling has a vibration, like dialling to a different radio station you can pick up on a different frequency. High vibing  is raising that frequency so you can vibe with the cosmos and bring in more positive things. Like attracts like, so if we are a beacon of higher vibration we will draw in more. Here are some ways that I practice high vibing! Also it's so much fun to say, let's get high, vibing...

Notice your thoughts

What you are thinking will change your mood and your feelings. Notice when you have negative thoughts how your body reacts and how you feel, a spiral of negative thoughts can made you feel sluggish and tired and unmotivated. Well the same thing happens when we think positive. That is actively choosing the better feeling thoughts. It is all connected, change your thoughts and you change your feelings. 

Eat your greens

Did you ever think food might have a vibration. I am a firm believer that food is medicine and really affects everything in my body and mind. When you eat organic fruits and vegetables and make healthy meals you just feel better. When you eat processed food how do you feel? And our feelings are tied to our thoughts and the other way around. It will also make those times you do indulge that much better. Bright vibrant foods have high vibrations so eat that kale salad and drink that blueberry smoothie. 


I talk about the importance of meditation in pretty much every blog post I write but I can't repeat it enough! Meditating is like waking up with a fresh start, you clear your mind and make way for brighter thoughts. It is the best way to start the day and will definitely raise your vibe. 

Create ritual

I love creating ritual in my life all the time. I light candles and incense when I am doing yoga in my apartment, right now I am obsessed with Smells Like Canada incense, if you are an incense lover get the Calgary Rawhide one, so so good! Yoga is so good for the mind and body but you know that, add some high vibing atmosphere while you do it and see how you feel. You can create ritual around anything, it's just a matter of setting time for yourself and what you love and then adding some extra beauty to it. 

Escape to the woods or ocean

There is nothing like truly disconnecting from our social media and exploring nature. You will be high vibing by just taking in the sights. Escape the city for a weekend camping trip, build a fire and just do some star gazing, play some music, or just bring along a friend who plays music and zen out. Nature brings creativity and the high vibes and who doesn't want that! 

High vibing is really about better feeling thoughts and bringing joy into your life no matter your current situation, there is always a way you can create a better day. And once you start high vibing you wont want to stop, and what can be better than a natural high! Also flower crowns, I high vibe when I wear them. Happy high vibing! 

ana alic