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Spring Equinox

Spring has arrived and as I type this my window is open in the kitchen, sun is streaming through and my wild flowers on my farm table are catching the light. That transition between winter and summer is so rough! I tried to focus on finishing projects, I want to start fresh with new creative ventures in April, so you'll be hearing some rumblings about a short film that is almost done (watch out for my film Harvest Moon).  I am excited for all things new and fresh, bike rides and my jean jacket, I've been away from good old faithful for way too long. So what the heck is happening in the cosmos right now with this new spring awakening? 

Intuition - feeling more intuitive these days? I have been cultivating more intuition over the past couple of months. Working on trust and surrender and meditation. For me it comes in as soft whispers and there is a feeling attached. More meditation can clear the mind so you don't doubt the ideas coming in. Follow that gut feeling. 

intentions - add to your yearly intention list. I have a list of things I want to create for 2017 and I will be adding to it and changing some things. I have already crossed some things off: travel and get paid for it, a road trip (coming up in April and I forgot I put it on my list!), financial abundance, positive self love, my own creative business/website (which is in the works). It is so fun to leave a list and come back to it to see what has manifested! 

Imagination - see this alliteration going on...spring is the time for day dreaming and planning for the abundance of summer. I have been imagining all of the travels I will soon be going on and how to create while traveling. I will be taking so many photos on my southern road trip and will instagram often to share all the cool places we have rented (psst one of them is a horse farm!!). I also plan to go back to the homeland this summer with my family, tons of summer beach posts on the Adriatic to come. I think Jamaica set a precedent for the beginning of the year that this is the year of travel for me, and so much of it tied to creative work! 

I am excited to share this photo shoot I did for my upcoming new site (designed by none other than Studio Bicyclette woo!). You may see some of these photos incorporated in the design but I loved them so much I wanted to share them earlier because its Spring! I borrowed some beautiful frocks from my fave gals at Studio Fitzroy, they have the most gorgeous dresses and it's all about renting. Better for the planet and encourages a sharing model which I love and totally can get behind. My bestie and go-to gal for makeup came up with this beautiful sunset makeup that represented me and my vibe. Alison Sharp is the best in the biz and my bestie and took the photos! Love these ladies for life. 

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