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Apple Blossoms

Seizing those beautiful spring and upcoming summer moments is so essential. I love living in the impromptu, finding magic in all moments and saying yes to experiences. After listening to a podcast from the amazing Kris Carr (look her up, her story and mission is amazing!) on saying yes to life, I received a text from my dear friend Genevieve and asked, "what are you doing right now? get ready and lets go take photos in the park." It was the most beautiful sunny afternoon and you have to soak up every moment and enjoy the outdoors and surround yourself in nature. We ventured to high park and stalked the grounds to find all the apple blossom trees. Bonding over summer camping plans, California dreaming, our obsession with coffee and lemon sorbet. This is what summer is all about for me, living in moments, last minute explorations, best friends and soulful chats. 

Genevieve is wearing Mendocino and I am wearing vintage from Mama Loves You Vintage and Brixton.

ana alic