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Joshua Tree

I have been wanting to go to Joshua Tree for as long as I can remember. I've had this longing to experience the landscape of the desert, the dusty colours, the barren space, the sparse plants and trees that live and thrive in hot weather. It always pulled me in like a past life where I would ride in on my horse in a cascading old west dress. Then when airbnb became a popular means of travel and my personal go-to I would spend hours looking at rentals in Joshua Tree, admire the photos of the starry nights and epic sunsets over the desert terrain. Not to mention all the RV's and rustic cabin retreats that just get me. 

Then it happened! I went to Joshua Tree and it just cemented my love for the place. My family and I took an incredible family vacation for my sister's birthday. In only 6 days in the west coast we planned to explore LA, Joshua Tree and Big Sur. A ton of road trip singing (by my brother mostly), so many stops along the way and missed exits and beautiful vistas and car games and pumpkin beer. Joshua Tree was the one request on my list so we made sure to do a day trip to this magical place. Luckily my family also fell in love with it, my dad and brother climbing all the rock formations in sight. I took as many photos as I could and tried to inhale every second of it. We ended our national park exploration with dinner at Pappy & Harriet's and it was our favourite dinner we had on the whole trip. They even had a vegan burger which was amazing! Right in the centre of Pioneertown, an old western movie set turned artist and explorer paradise. The sign at the front entrance of the restaurant reads: "If you're in a rush you're in the wrong place!" What a beautiful motto and such a fitting description of this quaint desert town, that slows and stops to find the beauty. And if the magic wasn't already evident as the sun was setting there was a majestic rainbow over the desert, so bright and vibrant and a reminder that we were exactly where we needed to be. With all the crystal and vintage shops and dudes walking around with beards and big hats, I felt quite at home. It's amazing you could love a place before you visit it and then even more amazing to love it more when you arrive, and I had arrived and my soul felt known again. 

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