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New Moon Morning Ritual

I swear by having a morning ritual. It sets you on a positive path in those magical morning hours that sets the tone for your whole day! The days I miss my morning ritual I feel it. Doing your morning ritual on a new moon super charges your intentions that day, any chance we can heighten our mystic powers we should take them.  The morning offers you a time to reset any negative feelings or thoughts you had from the previous day, we often carry those over so its so important to start fresh and begin again. A new moon also gives you that chance to start anew so its the perfect time to add that extra calmness in the morning to set a new path for the following month. The July 4th new moon is in Cancer and its a very soothing and nurturing one. The moon feels at home in Cancer and brings a sense of ease and helps us to be loving towards ourselves. This moon is all about accepting and loving who you are, once you can fully embrace it all of your other troubles will seem to wash away. Let the universe take care of the rest! Here is my morning ritual:

1) Create Space - I have created a place in my kitchen that is filled with creativity and beauty. I always try to have fresh flowers (there has been research done that shows flowers brings immediate happiness and positively effects moods!) and several crystals. I also have a box full of candles, moon books and a journal I use before meditation. Any space will do as long as it makes you feel comfortable and peaceful. 

2) Gratitude: This is something I do usually in bed before I do anything else! Definitely before checking instagram which is a bad habit I have ha. Starting with a list of things you are grateful for is an amazing way to start the day, and if you only have time for one thing that day do a mental gratitude list. I have started to incorporate this before my meditation by writing them in a journal, it really helps me centre my meditation. 

3) Coffee - Weird I know, but maybe not too weird when you hear my reasoning. Coffee has always been used as a ritual and especially for mornings. To incorporate something you already do will help you introduce a spiritual ritual as well. I always brew coffee for my meditation. It gives me something to do while meditating and is something I really love. And if coffee is not your thing tea has been used in ritual for many many moons. 

4) Meditate - No matter which spiritual teacher I listen to or however many 10% happier podcasts I hear (check that one out its so good!) meditation is always cited as the one thing that really changes things for people. From spiritualists to CEO's its really the best way to clear space in your life, ground you, bring more positivity and create change. There is really no wrong way to do it but I think finding what way resonates with you is super important. 

5) Crystals -  I have been using crystals more because of the new moon parties I host. Last nights moon party was super fun and involved some hilarious horoscopes about boogie boarding with bae (you had to be there) and so much amazing Mexican themed food! Tacos and sangria, yes!. The crystals we used are: Amazonite, Apatite, Apophyllite, Aquamarine, Goldstone and Opalite. I use Judy Hall's The Crystal Bible for crystal meanings. Set your intentions for the month and use your crystals during meditation. 

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