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New Moon Parties

Once a month on the new moon I host a gathering for my female moon lovers and friends. The monthly anticipated ritual actually started by accident. While having a girls night, swimming in a pool on a hot summers night we noticed the bright full moon light dancing on the water. I suggested we do a full moon ritual as to honour this beautiful night. Full moons are the perfect time for reflection and gratitude while the new moon is a time for ritual and intention setting. Alas the idea for the new moon party was born. The new moon symbolizes a fresh start, it's the beginning of the cycle of waxing and waning. It's a beautiful time to evoke ritual and hold a sacred space. I love gathering my girl tribe to hold this space together, to contemplate our spiritual life, to bring forth honest truths of ourselves, to be in a welcoming space of love and energy. We have created a space that celebrates and promotes female empowerment and friendship, we are all so different yet we can come together and learn from each other and truly celebrate our differences. 

To host a new moon party you can really design it any way you please, whatever speaks to you, but these are some things I found that people love at the parties. 

1// Prepare the space

For me to host any party it's so much fun and really sets the tone when you can have a theme or prepare your space for the event. I usually stock up on candles, crystals, flowers and sage. I light the candles, set up bouquets of flowers and sage the area before anyone arrives. Once the ladies walk into the space they are automatically transported to a sacred space. I also love to dress for the occasion, as I am leading the party I like to look the part, this really brings everyone into the ritual. 

2// Crystals

One of the most anticipated parts of the party is receiving your personal crystal. I make sure to buy a different crystal for each guest and research the meaning. I place the crystals in a bowl and every girl gets to choose a crystal that calls to them. After they have chosen I read the meaning of the crystal, it's really cool to see that most of the time they pick the crystal that they really need for that month. It's also great that we energize these crystals during the party and then you get to take it home with you as a reminder for the month! 

3// Introductions

I start off each new moon gathering by talking about what the specific new moon represents that month. It allows us to have a theme and intention for the evening, and really starts the party by getting everyone into the zone. At this point too we have all had some snacks and wine, it's a fun and easy going vibe the whole night. I always want it to feel like a party and for everyone to feel free in the space. 

4// Letting go ceremony

Another goodie of the night! This one is so fun and kinda a fire hazard so make sure you are prepared. The new moon is a perfect time to let go of things that aren't serving you. What I mean is letting go of limiting beliefs or ideas that have been coming up in your life recently and recognizing how they are affecting your life. This is about the ideas you have created, all coming from the internal. It is not about what other people might be doing as you can only control your own actions and thoughts. For this you will need a bowl, a candle, paper and pens. Each guest writes a list of things they want to get rid of and then one by one we burn them and release them into the bowl. The speed at which the paper burns can tell you how willing you are to let it go. This is also a personal ritual so you don't need to tell anyone what you are burning. It's very therapeutic and lets the universe know you are serious about making some shifts and new energy in your life!

5// Spirit animals

Along with the crystals I like to give everyone a spirit animal. I choose the spirit animals and write them on paper and place them into a bowl. Once again each guest can choose one and then I recite what the meaning is for that spirit animal. It is another tool you can use for the month, whenever you feel like it you can call on your spirit animal for guidance. 

6// Moon spells

This is something we just started to incorporate and from personal experience I can say it actually works! Everything we do at these parties are positive and only for our own personal growth. I am very adamant about keeping a positive space. Keeping this in mind the moon spells work in the same way, we only create intentions for good and our highest purpose. Also I believe it is just a little call to the universe that you are ready and really believe only the things you are meant for will come into your life. It is about co-creating and allowing things to happen naturally and as they should. I use the moon spell book from Diane Ahlquist, it really has everything you need and will give you step-by-step instructions. 

7// Guided meditation

This is everyones favourite time of the night! Each time I source a new guided meditation. I usually find great ones from the ladies on the psychic teachers podcast. We all sit in a circle and I get the group to close their eyes and then I start the meditation. It's a perfect way to end the night and really gets everyone in the zone and fully submerged into the ritual. 

There are so many ways you can celebrate the new moon and even the full moon! It's really a great way to bring a group together and have a really positive and soulful evening that takes you out of the daily routine and grounds you in beautiful ritual.  

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