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October New Moon

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I love planning my new moon parties for my friends every month. We missed the last one because I was in California so we are doing an extra special one on Halloween. Margaritas, Practical Magic and our moon ritual. The energy from Halloween and the new moon on October 30th is perfect for setting intentions for this fall and winter season. Fall always brings major change in my life and it feels like a fresh start for me to work on creative projects.  This new moon is in Scorpio which brings intensity and a peek into other worldly realms. It also has a dreamy, romantic quality (source: alchemy with ambi) intuitive energy and all that jazz. Dreams are also very powerful at this time, write them down and let your intuition interpret them. Let your feelings guide you this month and work with that scorpio determined, powerful and spiritual energy to help you create the life you crave. 

For this new moon I created my own sage bundle using dried flowers and loose sage. I used lavender which had a spiritual connection to love, tranquility, higher consciousness and healing. You can even use a dry flower that has special meaning to you. For my rituals I also picked up a magic hour candle for the new moon (my favourite candles!) created with lunar charged gems, in a sacred space and with powerful intention. The creator Brandie Taylor is a trained witch, mystic and intuitive tarot reader. Finally I will be ending the night with a magical bath using Gem Honey bath salts, which are all infused with beautiful scents and quartz charged crystals. To read more about my new moon party process you can check out this blog post! Wishing you all a magical, creative and serene new moon!

Wearing a vintage sequin top and new Jordan de Ruiter skirt. 

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