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Savannah stole my heart the moment we started our journey from North Carolina to Georgia. As we drove through Georgia the landscape started to shift into marshes and swamps, hints of spanish moss to come. This city exudes gothic romance, Victorian houses are the only houses and you can feel the history and creepiness of the place over every cobblestone. Our Victorian airbnb rental was the perfect refuge and embodied the essence of the place. Every room specifically decorated to highlight the eras past, southern charm at its finest. Everything was so damn beautiful my explorers mind couldn't blink before noticing something even more beautiful. This was what our entire road trip was about, this moment in this city, it all culminated to this. 

That night was Kirstie's birthday, her 27th  year (her scary year ha!) and we had arrived in the one place in the world she wanted to be. The two Aussies and me, everyday getting one step closer to understanding their slang and feeling like an honorary member. That night we ended up at an American Legion, little did we know fate would end our night on a sailboat drinking whiskey from the bottle at midnight. We cautiously walked into the bar, escorted by the un-appointed mayor of the place who thew open the door and shouted "come on in girls we don't bite." After this older gent bought us a round of drinks he came over and gave us his business card saying that him or his wife would be happy to help us with anything we needed while in Savannah, there's that southern hospitality again, or maybe a few too many. This sparked quite the interest to all around us, we clearly didn't give off a locals vibe. 

We made some new friends, had a few too many and somehow ended up at the most amazing marina I have ever laid my eyes on. Perfectly broken down quintessential marina vibes with the sounds of boat dwellers snoring away and the faint news program on the tv that provided our only light. Once again I could not blink without seeing something else even more amazing. A group of us mounted the boat setting sail for a midnight ride, the stars brighter than I have ever seen and more amazing to gaze at them from the water. We passed around a bottle or two, shared stories and made new friends. We discovered Rhiannon's new talent for sailing, as she skillfully took over the role as captain and lead us back to the dock. This night forever etched in my memory as being perfectly go-with-the-flow and beautiful in its mystery. I live for these kinds of nights, the nights where you share memories with your truest best girlfriends in a foreign land with foreign people all staring at the same sky and same stars from a sailboat. Savannah you are the place of my dreams, I love you so...

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