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Southern Road Trip

I met my roommate Kirstie at work after we bonded over our love of cheesy tv shows and if Zoe and Wade will ever end up together (Hart of Dixie). We cemented our roommate status on a mini road trip up to our friend's cabin, asking all the essential questions before you decide to live with someone: how do you feel about organized chaos? and do you compost and if not are you willing to learn?! It was safe to say that another road trip was in our future and our love of Zoe Hart's magical life in the south was a clear indication of where we would end up. 

With the south on our mind, Kirstie wanting to live out her gone with the wind fantasy and my love of Victorian houses and all things haunted, we decided on Savannah as our main destination. Actually it was Kirstie's obsession with Savannah which prompted the trip, having never been there but reading about it on some blog that said something like it would be the next best destination for travel in 2017. We aren't really those on trend kinda girls but the photos looked epically gorgeous and did I mention my love of Victorian houses? With our final destination planned and after finding and booking the most amazing airbnb in Savannah we started to map out the rest of our trip, because we surely couldn't drive the 20 hours straight there. We decided on a tiny house cabin in Upstate New York as our first destination, any chance I can fit a cabin experience in just know that I will! Next stop was Wilmington, North Carolina because it was the location of another all time favourite CW show, One Tree Hill (notice a theme here). And then we would continue south to Savannah for two glorious days before ending the road trip in Nashville, because you can never go wrong with the promise of bearded musicians and cowboys. 

We added another Aussie to our group, you know to balance things out and to help with the driving, a blessing as we discovered Kirstie was a terrifying driver who can only drive barefoot and with someone sitting in the passenger seat. In truth Rhiannon was always meant to come with us, her last hurrah before moving back to her homeland.  The cabin was the perfect first stop on our trip, quiet and secluded, tiny and humble, a restful spot in the woods. There was no wifi and no cell service in the area, our cabin was equipped with a landline phone in case of emergencies, and a very futuristic electric toilet in which we were only allowed 5 flushes each, so also in case of emergencies. We explored the surroundings and stumbled upon what may have been an amish farm, but then the children were riding dirt bikes and atv's, and I am pretty sure the amish aren't down with that, so what was up with their horse and buggy? A storm came in and blew out our fire we skillfully started that lasted for about 5 min, we retreated to our tiny house for the night exchanging ghost stories and tales of things we wish we would have done and dreams we have for our future. The next morning we ate at the town diner, breaking our vegan and gluten free rules (because small towns) and then started on our 12 hour journey to North Carolina. 

Long drives will do two things, make you very cautious of your water intake per rest stop distance and contemplation of all things in your life, you have nothing to do but think and maybe sing along to Bennie and the Jets. Not having access to my phone was a blessing, nothing to distract my mind, and time for journal writing. The last two hours of the drive was the hardest, I was at the wheel for at least five hours at this point and in came the southern storm. We were in North Carolina and I have never been in a storm quite like this one, not to mention driving through one. What I would give in that moment to just be watching it from a porch. But I was determined to bring us to our destination safely and all of my senses were fixated on the road. We made it through and just in time to order some cheese-less pizza from Dominos, the only thing open at that time. 

Our rental in Wilmington was perfectly quaint, on a beautiful street lined with trees and american flags. We spent so much time on the porch swing drinking wine and eating all the hummus, if there was one thing we couldn't live without on this trip or in our life it would be hummus. We explored the downtown, bought some cute shades and I got a psychic reading at Mystic Elements. Before leaving on our road trip I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts, psychic teachers, and they had the spiritual medium from Wilmington on the show. I wanted to book a session but decided if it was meant to be our timing would align while I was there. And it did and in the back of the crystal shop I sat down with this magical woman to talk all things mystical and my future. She said I was suppose to rekindle a romance with a long distant musician, she said I was going to star in a musical (I don't sing) and she said that I might end up living in Jersey in a house with a red door. So that romance thing didn't really work out, I have yet to hear of any musicals in my future and Jersey is definitely not in my future. This is what I believe, she sees symbols and interprets them the best way she knows and life is so mysterious that we can sometimes be given clues and sometimes manifest our hearts will but most times we have no idea what the heck is in store...and sometimes the boy is "not looking for love, he's looking for weed" and sometimes the greatest things that happen to you not even the greatest mystics can predict, and that is the beauty of travel and being open every day to endless possibilities. 

For this southern road trip I worked with one of my favourite brands Society6 on a styling story and packing essentials for a road trip, head over to their blog to check it out! 

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