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Girls Gone Nashville Styled Shoot

What I have learned this year is that when you let go of the outcome, when you can trust you are exactly where you need to be and let whatever is out their guide you, some pretty amazing things happen. I booked this camper in the middle of Amish country in Millersburg, Ohio on a hunch. Lately my psychic intuition has expanded (I am a gemini, we are suppose to have psychic abilities) and this trip was no different. We found ourselves in the country, surrounded by the most beautiful fields of wildflowers and we slept under a bed of stars, more stars than I ever remember seeing. When we arrived at this destination there were candles lit, string lights twinkling and garden gnomes waiting to say hello, did we just land in narnia?

The next morning, with the most perfect morning light and summer dew we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot, the location was way too beautiful not to shoot. So I quickly decided to do something along the lines of floral boudoir, picked some wild flowers, rummaged through the suitcases to find three cohesive looks and we let our surroundings dictate the shoot. It was earthy, it was pretty, it was perfectly imperfect, it was spontaneous, it was grounded and it was exactly where we were suppose to be, rainbow sun flares and all.

Oh and how incredible is Scarlet O'Neill's photography! I am just constantly surrounded by mega babes and mega talents, it's amazing and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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