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Big Sur

While in Big Sur we hiked in the Pfeiffer state park. It was a dream to see the coastal redwoods up close. These are some of the tallest trees in the world and can date back to 2000 years. Before commercial lodging in the 1850's there was about 2 million acres of redwoods along California's coast, but today only about 5% of the old-growth remains. Big Sur is like a time capsule, modernity hasn't consumed the area, touches of its golden age from the 60's and 70's still remain and history seeps at every corner. It is such a gift to find a place preserved and loved. 

We also explored the Henry Miller library, a unique art's centre that celebrates the writer and Big Sur inhabitant. With it's eclectic design, art instillations, free coffee outside and a makeshift empty stage, the area breathes like a commune; a glorious hippy refuge so fitting for the time. You can feel his influence there and how much he loved this land and how much the land loved him. This small pocket of nature perfection with it's handful of establishments is like finding an abandoned house, untouched and holding stories and secrets from a time past, a time that was simple in nature and grand in connection. I am so happy I get to slip into these worlds from time to time, and marvel with reverence. 

ana alic