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Love Angeles

I have a serious love affair with America. Don't get me wrong I also love Canada, for it's wildness, it's safety, it's beautiful nature and really rad people. I cannot leave out my true roots though, Croatia is my heritage, where my parents grew up, it's in my blood and it's definitely what I look like - not to mention the most stunning country I have ever been to. But there is something about America that always draws me in. With so many beautiful landscapes there is so much to explore, and so many road trips I have yet to add to my list, although another one is coming soon to Lily Dale, New York. 

This past February I took two weeks off from my life and explored one of my favourite places of all time, California. It's pretty convenient that my sister now resides there, in the hip neighbourhood of silver lake, so whenever my heart calls me back its only a plane ride away. Seems like Emily and I have started a tradition when travelling together to LA, photo shoot with Sarah Shreves is at the top of our list. Sarah is such a generous spirit and crazy talent, in her presence she makes me want to be a more compassionate person and a better artist. Her character is so humble and hopeful, it's infectious and she inspires the people around her. You must check out her website and blog, I know that she will be sharing more photos soon of her travels, I cannot wait to see the ones she took in Guatemala. 

These are photos by Sarah Shreves in her downtown LA loft, there is a really cool casual vibe about them and I love how Sarah captures little moments, nothing seems forced or posed, just beautiful little moments of time.

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