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Blue Jean Baby

I am so excited to share this styled shoot, photographed by my creative partner Kelsey Davis. We bonded over our love of the California coast, vintage styling and our favourite blogger muses who live amongst the palms. We have many plans this summer for many shoots that I cannot wait to style. This idea was dreamed up by finding the perfect vintage high waisted bells from my favourite vintage shop in the city, Mama Loves You Vintage. My apartment was the idea location and luckily my dream truck that I have been eyeing in my neighbourhood was conveniently parked out back (thanks hawk eyes!) right beside the cutest retro RV. How we managed to find these beauties to shoot in front of I can only imagine was magic. All of the pieces paired with my bells are from my designer bestie Jordan de Ruiter, who designs bodysuits just for me! This is what all of my photo shoot dreams are made of...

ana alic