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June New Moon

We have arrived in the summer solstice and with it ushers in the first new moon of the summer. This new moon is in Cancer, the water sign ruled by the moon. This sign is all about the emotions and we will be feeling all the feels. Observe them and let them flow through, we have the power to choose our thoughts and the way we perceive any situation. Mercury is doing a dance with Cancer and this ruler of the mind will have our thoughts on overdrive and mixing with our emotional side, things are going to feel a little intense. This is a powerful time for emotional clearing, what is not serving you and what you need to let go of will be illuminated. It is the focus of lack and what we are missing in our lives that shows us what our hearts truly desire. But this focus of lack will only bring the same things in, we must switch gears and tune into abundance. Once you know, you can change things up! Take a break from your socials to stop comparing your life to others, love yourself and recognize that you are a unique voice and you are on your own journey. Learn through love, it is guiding you to the next step and to expand your life!

For this New Moon the ritual of meditation will help settle the thoughts and be a powerful portal into your inner world, what your soul craves and what wants to be heard. A great stone to use would be moonstone as it is connected to the moon. Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings. Like the moon, "the stone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change."(Judy Hall) The most powerful thing about moonstone is its ability to calm the emotions. 

For this beautiful styled shoot I collaborated with Penumbra Glassworks. Her collection of stained glass pieces includes crescent moons with crystal embellishments, phases of the moon and rainbow making prisms. Her iridescent designs illuminate our connection to the moon displaying its magical beauty. 

Penumbra Glassworks is a one-woman show run by Toronto artist, Nadine Nesbitt. Inspired by the colours, textures, and interaction with light of the glass she works with. Nadine loves bringing these elements together with the hopes of bringing magic and rainbows to the new homes of her stained glass creations. 

I was inspired by these moon creations and partnered with photographer Kelsey Davis to capture the mystical elements in nature, using the light of the setting sun. I hope you celebrate the new moon tonight with love, light and beautiful intention. I will be hosting a new moon event next month and cannot wait to share the details soon. 

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