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A Ritual for Uncertain Times

Here's the hard truth: life is uncertain all the time. We can make goals, colour coordinate our vision boards, have a 5 year plan but things rarely work out the way we think they are going to. It is good to have a vision, it keeps you grounded and moving towards something but the hard lesson is learned through moving through the uncertain times. I really thought at this time in my life I would be married, living in a cute cabin in the woods and travelling the world as an actress on a CW show, this is literally what I pictured my life would be by now! ha. Now I know that I am more of a dreamer than most, one of my favourite things to do is sit in nature and get lost in a daydream while staring at the trees. We all have our own journeys with different time lines and ebbs and flows. So how do we cultivate happiness in times of uncertainty, when life hasn't given you what you thought you wanted and when the future seems so so uncertain?

We learn gratitude and we recognize this time as a season in our life. In truth right now I have never felt more spiritually awake and more able to seek out my purpose and I know that comes from living through uncertainty. The currency I now possess from this time is that of persistence. There is also a fearlessness presented to you, when you have examined the depths of your pain and you keep on anyways, and when you get turned down time and time again but you gain the strength to go on. And then you go on a healing cleanse to nurture your soul back to life and start all over again with more grace and wisdom. Not getting the things your soul craves is deeply painful, it can make you resentful and leaves you feeling defeated. And its OK to go through it (i had a mini cry session the other night, I also blame the full moon for that one) but its not ok to stay in it. You have this moment, this one right here and you got to look for the beauty in it. Because its so true that when you do attain those things that you think will make you happy, if you aren't already happy with what you have then they will be fleeting. And its ok not to feel happy all the time, we are given a range of emotions that show us we are human and all connected. But searching for the beauty, looking for happy even in uncertain times will bring you joy and comfort and grace. 

Here are some things that make me happy right now:

I just got a copy of Many Moons workbook, and I am working through it all with the Moon!

It is #plasticfreejuly

I am travelling to Croatia very soon and found a really cool stand up paddle board night tour

I have been running in High Park almost every day and its been a restorative blessing

I got to style a gorgeous lingerie shoot for my gal Jordan de Ruiter

I am hosting a new moon event soon! details to come...

Here is a ritual for the uncertain times:

This works great if you have an oracle card deck. I just got a beautiful one for my birthday, Crystal Oracle. You can do the ritual without it as well. Start by writing down the dreams you wish to create and then beside it write down the blessing you will obtain when you are on the journey to those dreams, such as persistence, strength, patience, love, compassion etc. Now think of a question you want answered in this time, meditate on it and select a card to help answer your question. Pick one thing you want to create from your list and write it separately on a piece of paper. Place it in a magical location in your home, an alter you may have created etc and retrieve it in a week. In a week's time safely burn the paper and know that the universe has that dream for you and it will be delivered in divine timing (from Gabby Bernstein's the universe has your back).

-xoxo, and high vibing!