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New Styling Work for Jordan de Ruiter Lingerie

My gal Jordan sent me a text a while back with a photo of this peacock chair, I knew exactly what she wanted to do, lets plan a photo shoot! This whole vision came about quite naturally and spontaneously, as I believe most creative projects go. With no pressures of timelines and launch dates we were free to just create something magical and beautiful, just because we wanted to be creative. I immediately contacted my bestie and number 1 makeup gal Alison Sharp for our beauty needs. Alison is more than just a beautiful friend and incredible makeup artist, she's a producer! She not only found us the most enchanting backyard and rooftop oasis for the shoot but she also helped us find Kimberly, the gorgeous actress who completely embodied our tropical goddess vibes. My actual theme description in the call sheet read: Retro-boho with tropical vibes (yes I make call sheets for all of my photo shoots!). We also must give credit to Kim's boyfriend who suggested her for the job, we stumbled into his birthday party and he overheard us chatting about looking for a model! Serendipity and synchronicity and the universe...

To round out our babely crew we collaborated with my dream photographer once again, Kelsey Davis. I love working with her because her minimalistic style really simplifies my boho aesthetic and brings it to another level. Considering both of our styles and Jordan's brand I came up with a tropical inspired set, using a couple key vintage pieces and minimal local jewels. We also had perfect weather and sparkly afternoon sun rays to give our shoot the dreamy summer look we wanted, the magic of summer nights...

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