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The Sustainable Love Movement

It may seem odd that as a stylist I am so obsessed with sustainability, and that's because for the most part the fashion industry contributes to so much waste. We have also created a culture that celebrates newness in fashion, most influencers make a living on sharing new product. I am no exception and have done this as well. I love fashion so much, it's hard to see something you love contribute to the issue. It goes far beyond that, our plastic consumption and waste is insane:

8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our ocean every year

1 trillion plastic bags are discarded every year

It can take 1000 years for plastic bottles to biodegrade and about 90% don't even get recycled

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But there has never been a more important time than now to have conversations about our environment, how we can create a more sustainable world, not just by influencing policy makers but my changing our own lifestyle. I really believe the best thing we can do to help the planet is in our own power. What you choose to buy, how you go about your day and how you dispose of waste all matters. I really believe that people want to change their ways, we are all taking notice on how destructive our current culture is, and incredible documentaries like What The Health and The Plastic Ocean are enlightening us to the truths. I don't think its a matter of what but a matter of how, our lifestyle right now is set up for convenience not sustainability and since we are use to the convenience it becomes harder to break the patterns and live differently. 

I want to contribute to the change! The one thing I learned from my waitressing job was that amongst my colleagues I was the expert on sustainability. I created our recycling program and I was the go-to for advice on veganism. This brought me great joy as I was able to spread my sustainable love to the people around me. I want to continue on this journey of sustainable love and make it into a movement, a place where people can learn why it's important and how to easily incorporate it into their lives. I realize that I am not the first or only one wanting to create this conversation but I see that as a blessing! The more people drink this particular kool-aid (ours would be organic and totally natural!) the better. 

So here's my question to you: what is the best way to accomplish this? Should I create a totally new site only dedicated to the topic? Should I launch it as an organization? Should I write more blog posts on this site? Should I start a youtube channel? What would make the most impact, what would people want to see? Comment bellow or send me an email:

lets start a movement, a sustainable love movement...

PS I am making t-shirts for this movement made from fabric thats created from recycled water bottles, will share that on my site soon!

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