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Simplicity In The Country

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all for it all to make sense. I have always been so in love with the country, the landscapes, the sunsets, the sounds of nature is so soothing for the soul. It is where I feel most grounded and most myself and feelings of connectedness to mother earth. Being in nature always reminds me of my purpose, so intricately tied to the leaves and the trees and the earth, it's a pulsating desire to cherish the land we've been given, to cherish the path that is only our own. On a spontaneous evening adventure, Kelsey Davis and I drove up north and made a couple turns and found this beautiful farm for our photo shoot. We were gifted the most beautiful sunset for our adventurous spirits, something that gives you reverence for that moment, the colours and the fleeting moments of golden light. We always can find beauty if we seek it, if we decide to find the beauty in all our moments, in all our battles, in all our dusk and destiny.  This shoot was about that simplicity, about the moments that take our breath away, the adventures you seek and the beauty to be found around every corner. Find something you love and let it burn in your heart so strongly that all of the universe conspires for you, that is how I feel in the country, and that is how we all should feel everyday. 

My vest is from Mama Loves You Vintage

Photography by Kelsey Davis

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