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New Moon in Croatia


As I write about this total solar eclipse new moon in Leo I am on vacation in my homeland of Croatia. As fitting as it seems I think there is something cosmic about being in a certain place during the eclipse, with the eclipse so rooted in courage of change. To know that I have come back after being away for 10 years to the birthplace of my parents at this time of great change in my life feels like the tides have gently guided me back, to have my own eat,pray,love moment, even if it is for two weeks.

The gift of the eclipse is to “find your true heart” it pulls back the veil of our ego-consciousness and allows a different perspective, a time to illuminate what our soul purpose is. Being aligned with our true path leads to positivity and healing for the world, when we are aligned we radiate and allow our lightness to affect change, be a change maker, use our voice for influence and good. Eclipses signify changes, shifts, endings and this super rare solar event brings forth a complete overhaul of your life. with the earth, moon and sun lining up for this solar party -its going down in America, eclipse chasers are fighting for a viewing spot in the south. The new moon in Leo, representing regality and leaders is vibing at the same time as the mercury retrograde in Virgo, calling us to look at our service and health/routine/lifestyle. Leo and Virgo have contrasting energies so if you are feeling some confusion, that is probably why!

Experiencing the New Moon energy in Croatia has been quite a trip! Literally I travelled all day long. There were wildfires near the highway on our route to Split to catch the ferry to Hvar. They haven't had rain in months and the wind was very strong today. This caused an 8 hour travel about feeling the full extent of mercury retrograde. In the end of our journey we saw the most gorgeous sunset while waiting on the boat headed for the island of Hvar. It was stunning colours of purple, orange, pink and yellow. Sometimes travel can be exhausting and complicated, which is all part of the journey. In the end we made it safely to our hotel on a gorgeous island we get to explore, I am so grateful for everything I get to see and experience here that even crazy long hard days are worth it. 

Here are some photos from the trip so far!...


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