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Moons of August

Here we go, the month of eclipses is upon us and shaking things up in a big way.  On August 7th we have a partial full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its shadow. This only occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned. A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a portion of the moon enters the shadow. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that is all about change and transformation. That is the big theme of this month, major transformation, especially in the fields of our soul desires, the path we are meant to be on. In order to create this change harmoniously we need to make room for it. It's so true that when we jump into whatever is aligning with our soul no matter how scary it may feel the universe will meet you and honour your courage. Sometimes we may not know the right step to take but we should anyways, knowing that we will be guided back on the right path. Spend some time in meditation and journaling. Be really honest with what it is you want for your life, what brings you the most joy? Write down the answer to this question: if you were given the freedom to do anything your soul desires this year what would it be? What do you need to change in your life to achieve that? When we make shifts in our life that align with who we truly are we can manifest great and beautiful things. This world needs more people who are lit up by life and creating their desires, that is how we spread love and influence others by living our best lives!

I recently quit my day job and will be traveling to Croatia. My life is transforming in big ways and it is scary but also I had to feel settled within myself to make the shifts, I had to be ready energetically. Which is why the emotional effects of the eclipses and the full moon are positives for me, its a freeing feeling of ease. This is the case because I didn't resist the changes, I flowed with them, and because of that my excitement, faith and joy have created manifestations in my life. I have a clear view now of what I want to accomplish and I am holding onto that view no matter what valleys I step into. You can only walk in the valley for some time before you reach the peak. 

The cosmos are here to illuminate our lives, showing us that shifts are needed in order to align with our higher selves. Self-awareness is a gift to have during this time. We need to do the work within, the daily meditations, to start to unlock what we truly want. This may come with some confusion, but that is ok! Be gentle with yourself and know that seeking is an important part to knowing. We can look at this as an exciting time of profound growth and really look at our lives and be honest with ourselves if it is the life we want? There is always a better tomorrow, a new possibility, a fresh start, a new may take a lot of soul searching and hard work but in the end you can feel more like the you you were meant to be!

Important dates:

August 7th partial lunar eclipse

August 12th mercury retrograde begins

August 21st solar eclipse of the new moon

I will have a beautiful new moon ritual for you on the blog soon! For tonight focus on gratitude, light some candles and thank the universe for all that you have. Write down a manifestation list for this year and feel the joy. Crystals to use for this time are: moonstone, malachite, and garnet. 

Happy full moon and high vibing!

Photos by my roomie! Kirstie Budge

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