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New Moon Party for Society6


I am excited to share another campaign created for Society6! This one felt really true to my style and love of all things moon parties, to see the full guide on how to host your own new moon party check out their blog feature. It is really one of my favourite things to create, an evening for my friends bringing out the positive vibes and crystals. The photo shoot location was pretty dreamy, a gorgeous Victorian loft space converted into a boho oasis. I brought on my actress babe friends to be my models, Katie Boland and Bea Santos, and really just have an excuse to hang out, dress up and eat pizza together. Kelsey Davis was on photo duty and as always her photography is beautiful, specific to theme, and also has that hint of west coast love which we connect with. My go-to makeup gal and bestie Alison Sharp created magical moon makeup for us, she gave Katie all the glitter, Bea had a pastel purple and dewy goddess look and I had a soft crystal inspired look with all the jewel tones. 

I really believe the more you start creating the life you love the more projects and people come in that totally align with who you are and the things you really love, this shoot was such a powerful example of that! The idea of the new moon is also an example of that, it's setting aside time to honour your unique gifts and ask for the things you totally deserve. So much abundance has been created from the parties and setting aside time for ritual and all that self love, give it a try!! If anything you will have a fun night with your gals, drinking wine and eating yummy food. 

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