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This summer in the middle of August I got to experience the fairytale wedding of one of my dearest, Paige of Studio Bicyclette. It was a woodland magical cabin wedding, at Paige's family cabin called logwood, where Paige spent many of her summers as well as where she was actually born! Tucked away in the Ontario woods near the town of Bancroft, it was the perfect location for an intimate and totally DIY wedding, so true to Paige and her creative spirit. We met years ago when I had the privilege to join her fairytale clothing boutique, Bicyclette. I was a shop girl in those days and it was the most amazing place to work and create, based on the model of 'chasing daydreams.' I learned so much about what it meant to truly create a life you love and create an experience for all the fashion babes we grew to know and make friendships with who walked through the turquoise doors. Those were the golden days or playing dress up with our friends and then walking over to bellwoods park for some picnic hangs with wine. Paige's wedding was intimate, her ceremony officiated by her mom was the best I have ever experienced, teaching us about the logwood cabin area and the family, throwing all of our expectations of what a wedding would be like out the window. We had the best weekend staying at the cutest motel called: The Sword Inn. While getting ready, me and my gals explored the motel and did our own little photo shoot on the beautiful property. We arrived to the wedding in style, picked up my a small school bus and taken to the woodland oasis where a cocktail bar was waiting under the tress, and a canoe filled with beer. Thunderstorms rolled in and we experienced the ceremony in the dining tent, lit by candles with the light dancing off the hanging disco balls and a room filled with white blooms, it was breathtaking. We ate tacos under the stars, danced all night and experienced a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of Boom Clap by their dear friend who played for their first dance. It was THE BEST wedding ever and at the end of the night we got back into the school bus and sang along to that rendition of Boom Clap by our new musician friend on our way back to our motel slumber party, for all the ways to end the night it couldn't be more perfect!

I was so happy to discover Tamga Designs and find the perfect boho dress for the wedding. I have been dedicated to finding artists and designers who put the environment at the forefront of their designs. Tamga is produced ethically in Indonesia, using the sustainable tencel material with sustainable production methods. For a wedding in the woods it couldn't be a more suitable and totally gorgeous dress to wear. To find our more about their production journey check out their website. I am so grateful I got to experience this dream wedding in my favourite place to be, in the woods surrounded by my friends! 

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