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How to High Vibe into 2018


The consensus is in! 2017 was a year full of ups and downs and mostly downs for people. What gives? I really believe so much negativity was brought to the surface and into the light on a global scale so that we can expand into something better. If you were feeling especially down for whatever reason this past year I have a fun guide on how you can high vibe into 2018 and start feeling good right now! Feeling good should be your top priority, it is really the best way to allow more goodness in your life and really let the good stuff flow so much easier. It sounds easy but we are conditioned to notice what is happening right now in our lives and make a judgement on it rather than using our thoughts to see what could be. The easiest way to shift to good feeling thoughts is to focus on what is working in your life, the things you love and the things you want to create. 

Back in the summer of 2017 I made a huge shift in my life, I quit a job that was not making me feel great and went to Europe. After this decision I was high vibing for the next three months, so many incredible things were coming into my life, I went to Hawaii and then Savannah and I had some of my most magical days ever. But I wasn't full ready for it and my deep rooted beliefs started to creep in and thoughts of unworthiness began to occupy my mind more than it should. This of course manifested in my life...It was a blessing, it showed me how much more work I had to do to create the life I want and how much I need to fight for it. 

2018 started with me in Savannah, Georgia celebrating with a group of new friends and one of my best friends. I took a social media break for a couple days to really settle into the new year and when the clock struck midnight I had this idea pop into my head. I asked everyone in the room to come with me on a march around the block. We took our drinks and noise makers and marched into 2018 and it was the best moment of the night!! It was a ritual to show the year ahead that we are going in bravely and strong and for me a symbol that I will keep motivated on exactly what I want to create and stay dedicated to feeling good. My word for this year is: JOY. 

3 ways you can high vibe into 2018:

1 // Daily Ritual is Everything!

I am so committed to my daily ritual that I have been writing down in my journal my thoughts on it every morning. I have committed to 21 days of a morning practice. It takes 21 days to create a habit, so I want to make sure my mantra and rituals will become a habit. Its true that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking so knowing I have beliefs I want to change I am committed to making new empowering beliefs that will only serve me. My morning ritual always includes: 5 minutes of gratitude, 10 minutes of visualization and 15 minutes of meditation. I do all of this before I even get out of bed and definitely before I check anything on my phone. 

2 // Ease off Social Media

I have decided to take breaks here and there on social media. I take a day or two or three off depending on how I am feeling. Everything goes back to how you are feeling. To high vibe and get into the perfect place for manifesting you've gotta feel good. And we all know that comparison and feelings of "not good enough" can be easily acquired on social media. So take a break! And then come back to it when you are feeling great or have something beautiful to post. Starting the new year by being in a different place and not being "connected" was the most amazing thing I could do. I felt freedom and ease and was really able to appreciate the moments. Try going on a vacay and just turning off your phone! You can post photos after you come back. 

3 // The 5 second rule

Have you heard about this? I just watched a video about it and it was created by Mel Robbins. She has a great story so you should watch this Ted Talk. "If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea" To high vibe you need action! So when you have an impulse to change something in your life, countdown from 5 and then do it. Her website is full of so much insight and ways to out smart your self doubt. By taking the action you have always wanted to take you will start to feel good, and this is the way to high vibe. 

Once you start high vibing you wont want to leave, you will want those high vibe feelings all the time! And this higher vibration is the way to create the life you want, it is a process though. You will slowly start seeing signs in your life that you are on the right path. Thank the universe for them. 

For example I picked up a job a couple days ago and worked at a film studio for a day. In the morning I had to wake up so early and was feeling a little sick but I thanked the universe for this opportunity not knowing at all what I was to be doing, I just believed it would be a really great day! I kept those feelings all day long. I found out the project was a new Kurt Russell movie and they asked me to stay and do some rehearsing with KURT RUSSELL. All I had to do was read lines with him as they were preparing for the film. I got to act and rehearse for a film I am not even in with one of my legends! I felt at ease and he was so brilliant to work with. This was the universe telling me I am definitely on the right path. I had the best day and learned so much and once again thanked the universe for this opportunity. 

I would love to hear how you are high vibing! I am working on a new moon ritual box and a way to discuss all things moon related, stay tuned!!

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