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Winter Wears


Ok this is not really the greatest example of a winer appropriate outfit in Canada because for our current weather all you could really wear is a massive parka. But I haven't done a style post in a while and really love all the white snow for photos. I wore this black h&m jumpsuit for my audition today and really love how you can easily dress it up or down. I have been wearing my lack of color hats everywhere!!! I have been a little obsessed with them and can't seem to put an outfit together without them. This look is all about the classics, which I have been leaning toward lately, finding a couple pieces I love and wearing them on repeat. 

Also 5 things I have learned so far in 2018, you know for fun:

1. Rosehip oil is a must in the winter

2. When you try to juggle too much you don't give your best self to the important things, eventually things will start to fall, be gentle with yourself and try again tomorrow. 

3. Intuition can be a blessing and a curse, but you decide which one it is

4. Your friends and the moon will always be there for you

5. Love with everything you have, it's the best way to live even if it hurts sometimes 

xoxo Ana

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