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Super Blue Moon


Yes its winter and we have had so much snow and on January 31st we will have a super blue moon lunar eclipse. This super special event has not occurred in North America in over 150 years! There are three important cosmic events happening at the same time here. Its called a blue moon (rare event "once in a blue moon" and also my favourite beer) because it is the second full moon in one month, the first one occurred on January 1st/2nd. It is also a supermoon because of how large it appears in the sky because of its closest approach to the earth. And finally it is a total lunar eclipse, how awesome is that. You will be able to see this lunar eclipse before sunrise and the best viewing will be west and Hawaii. Of course Hawaii always has the best views for cosmic events.

This full moon is in Leo, the sign of warmth, taking action and loving the spotlight. Leo is a fire sign so everything will feel more intense, especially with the added lunar eclipse. February will see the conclusion of events that were occurring for the last 6 months, from the start of the last eclipse season in August 2017 (alchemy with ambi). A full moon is optimistic, you will feel settled and ready for the next great thing in your life. 

There is also a feminine energy that is prominent at this time from venus and the sun in Aquarius. This is a time to get to the core of who you are and use that essence and courage to forge a new path and get grounded in what it is you are meant for. This feminine energy is also tied to our mother earth, asking us to take a deep inventory on how we are treating our planet. It is a great time to step up and use your courage and voice to transform the old ways we are working in the world to new and healing ways that will benefit all. What has been calling you to begin? What have you pushed aside because of your fears of what others expect of you? 

This event is showing us to have the courage to be our authentic selves and own our uniqueness. And this can be done by changing and reprogramming our own self worth.  Worthiness of a life that far exceeds your desires is essential for change. It is amazing to know how tied this event is to self-actualization as I have been working with a course on this exact topic. Leo is all about being the lion with courage, the courage to overcome self doubt and step into your authentic self. The greatest way to manifest is to do the hard work of discovering and getting rid of your limiting beliefs and step into the authentic self that wants to match your vibration. I will have more on this concept soon but use this moon event to take that leap, start that project and start to ask yourself, what do I really want in my life? And then know that it is your divine right to have that, no matter how spectacular the desire is, as long as it is connected to your souls path it is for you. 

A beautiful ritual for this full moon is to write a list of your limiting beliefs and burn them with an intention candle (always handle your candles with caution!) and see how the energy of the full moon will carry them away and replace them with empowered thoughts and actions. Use your intuition to make serious amazing beautiful changes in your life. 

Happy Super Blue Moon! xoxo


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