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The Best Rituals For Your Zodiac Sign


February is one of my favourite months! Kinda weird I know, especially since its right in the thick of winter and I have never been with anyone during this love filled month but it has always been a time for me to really plan my year, get creative and really dig into my self love rituals. I started to incorporate more intentional ritual into my life when I started my new moon parties. I always had a daily morning ritual but I hadn't expanded it to include community until the moon parties. This has really been amazing for my friendships, expanded my community and has even sparked new project ideas. 

Why do I think ritual is so important? It is already in so many parts of our life and we don't even realize it. But when we add in sacred ritual we can add some really special moments to the everyday and even start to call in some of the intentions we have set for ourselves. This is why ritual has been used in tribes forever!! Ritual sets a call out to the universe that holds trust and faith in the spiritual world, it is saying thanks to the universe and knowing that it has your back. 

Here are some cool love rituals you can use during this love month based on your zodiac! And these are all about cultivating self love and acknowledging on a soul level how awesome you really are. 

Capricorn // The earthy, responsible and determined sign is all about traditions. Write a list of all the traits you love and want to cultivate in yourself! You are a mirror of what you attract. Be grateful for your own uniqueness and light a candle to give thanks. Self worth is magnetic!! See how you attract more into your life.

Aquarius // You airy beautiful sign this is your month! You are original, independent and a humanitarian, a loving off-beat soul. You love helping others so do something kind for someone else on valentines day! Write a love postcard and leave it somewhere for someone to find, maybe in a book, at the coffee shop, get creative. Sending a little love letter out will bring love back in!

Pisces // The artistic, intuitive water sign. You are compassionate and wise and love being creative. Set aside a night for some wine and mood board making. Use your creative juices to call in some love with a soulful night of pretty mood boarding. It is a great way to visualize the love you want, but first and foremost for yourself. 

Aries // You fiery, courageous, optimistic babe! You are very dynamic and love taking action. The first of the zodiac and always have so much energy. A great ritual for an aries would be to physically create the most soulful fun night, make that special dinner you have always wanted, create a love playlist and have your own dance party, make a beautiful epson salt bath night and read that inspiring book! Creating space for yourself will act as a mirror for more of what you want, creating joy and self love is the fastest way to manifest. 

Taurus // Earthy, reliable and strong. You get things done! Of all the signs when you have a vision nothing stops you from creating that vision. The ruler of taurus is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. A perfect ritual for these go-getters is to declutter your space and redecorate for the love vibes. When you get rid of things you don't need you open yourself up to bring in more. Add some plants, flowers and amazing smelling candles and get your space ready for what you want to call in. 

Gemini // This airy fun sign is all about communication, curiosity and affection. They need stimulation, new environments and you will never be bored around a Gemini. Writing is a powerful way to set intentions. Light a candle and some incense and write a letter to yourself from the future you. Work backwards and express to your current you how everything worked out, and the amazing things you created! Describe your career, your house, your passion and your mate. Free write and let the ideas flow, those are signs and guidance from the future you. 

Cancer // The beautiful water sign full of emotion, empathy and endless imagination. You are a lover, it is innately in your sign. You are all about connection so why not buy a star for yourself or your future beloved. You can even write a personal message and name it. It is literally putting your beautiful request into the cosmos. 

Leo // The strong, creative and passionate warrior of the zodiac. You are a natural born leader, confident and difficult to resist! a fire sign that is warm hearted and loves life. Write one manifestation or request that has been on your heart lately and place it in a sacred space surrounded by crystals, flowers or any other loving object. Thank the universe for taking care of this for you and after one week burn the paper and let it go. Know that if something is for you then it will come, "this or something better" practice faith and above all know that you are worthy. 

Virgo // The earthy sign that is loyal, kind, loves animals and takes account of the smallest details. You have an organized life and are very methodical, you like the practicality of things and always seek goodness. For this grounded sign lets start simple with a beautiful morning ritual. Brew some coffee, find a comfy and inspiring space in your home and practice meditation. A love meditation to try is using the mantra I am love or focusing on someone you want to send love to during the meditation. 

Libra // This air sign is peaceful, fair, and has a strong intellect. The hopeless romantic of the bunch, this sign is lovable and charming. Get all your gals together and host a flower crown making ceremony. Make some great food, drinks and take polaroids of your creations. This night will raise your vibes and make for some great photos. 

Scorpio // Did you know both Leo and Ryan Gosling are both scorpios! This water sign is super passionate, fierce, and intense in the best way. They are a curious bunch and will investigate everything under the sun, they want to get to the truth of the matter. Extremely resourceful and fearless, a powerful manifesting sign. Get yourself some rose quartz and make a beauty spray. Charge the crystals under a full moon, add it to some distilled water in a spray bottle, add argan oil and your favourite essential oil! Rose oil or lavender would be amazing and soothing. 

Sagittarius // The traveller of the signs, this adventurous spirit is generous, idealistic and loves freedom. For this curious open minded heart a weekend getaway ritual is in order. Find a cabin retreat, a beach vacay, or a day hiking trip. Change your scenery and see how much that changes your vibes. In this new local add in some other rituals including crystals and intention setting. Use your traveller spirit for a solo self care weekend. 

There are so many beautiful rituals to try and at the heart of it caring for your own self worth will bring in your hearts desires, stay in the joy and watch the miracles come in. 

Happy love month friends, xoxo