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Love In The South


I'm borrowing a love story, it's a good one that is sure to make you believe in fate and that love can find you in the strangest places, I am sure my friend wont mind...

Last April 2017 myself and two Aussie gals embarked on a southern road trip. Kirstie believed she was meant to spend her 27th birthday in Savannah, Georgia a place she had longed to discover. If you asked me to go on any trip anywhere I would be the first one looking up airbnbs and planning the route, travel is my first love. So planning I did, figuring out our route to drive from Toronto to Savannah and back again in 7 days. We decided to stop at 4 places: a cabin getaway in Upstate New York...Wilmington, North Carolina...Savannah, Georgia...and Nashville, Tennessee. Lets skip right to Savannah, we arrived on Kirstie's birthday staying in a gorgeous yellow victorian beauty. We were ready to take on the most haunted (and beautiful) city in America. Our airbnb manager suggested we start our night at the American Legion, a local watering hole for veterans and locals who enjoy $2 brews. We arrived decked out in our finest and nearly turned around until an older man at the door who looked like he ran the joint said, "come on in girls we don't bite." I assured my Aussie friends that it was a cool place and we should at least stay for one drink...we stayed all night. 

There was a group of younger guys and one gal sitting in the table next to us. They sent this girl over, Gretchen was her name, and the rest soon followed. We all became fast friends and before we knew it we were collecting all the alcohol we could find for a midnight sailboat ride from a nearby marina. Under the stars in the middle of the water two loves were meeting, this was the moment that the universe conspired to create, this was the beginning of their love story. 

We left Savannah for Nashville, a very cold and rainy Nashville on a "horse farm." Traveller tip: never believe anyone on airbnb that says they have horses for you to ride if you stay on their farm, we were fooled by the promise of horses. With a little help from her friends, in truth I had to text Jeff the day after the sailboat night pretending to be Kirstie, the two love birds wouldn't stop texting. This turned to facetime and phone calls and trips back to Savannah and trips to Toronto. Distance was not going to stop these two from falling in love. 

At the end of August Kristie's travel visa in Canada would be up and she would have to apply for her permanent residency. She had a great job and really loved her life in Canada, what could go wrong? Long story short she was denied! Even a twitter message to hottie Trudeau was not going to keep her in this country. What's a girl to do? She decided to do some travelling in America before eventually moving back to Australia, so off she went to Savannah to be with her love. It was almost like everything was conspiring for her to be there, fate was stepping in in a big way. 

They started to build a beautiful southern life together and on Christmas morning Jeff proposed...I was always planning on visiting them for New Years but little did I know that I would be attending their wedding and taking their photos. The day they decided to wed by a minister they found online called "The Rev" there was a freak snow storm in Savannah! And on January 3rd in the middle of this unimaginable snow storm nothing was going to stop them from getting married. I was a part of the most unique and simple wedding ceremonies I had ever seen, it was perfectly them. They got ready together in their apartment eating tater tots, drinking pbr and waiting on standby to see if "The Rev" could make it over the bridge. Friends were willing to step up and get ordained online if it was the only way. I have never seen two people so in love that nothing was going to stop them from getting hitched and it was my greatest honour to witness. This is how Kirstie became the #9dayfiance and found her mate. 

I spent the week hanging out in Savannah, eating the best vegan breakfast burritos everyday. We had a New Year's house party, drank beers in the streets, played all the board games and explored the beautiful streets taking in all the historic charm. It was truly the best way to start my year, a beautiful example that all you need is love.

We took some photos around town and I am wearing Free People and Lack of Colors. 

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