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Magic in October

Photo by: Katie Benfey

Photo by: Katie Benfey

We have officially arrived to autumn, the most magical and witchy time of year. This month the cosmos are brewing up some serious waves. The most important event is Venus going retrograde in Scorpio which will occur from October 5th to November 15th. This is going to be a very intense Venus retrograde because it is in Scorpio, the sign of transformation and well intensity. Going through a Scorpio transit usually changes you profoundly and forever, you just wont be able to look at things the same way. This event will stir up emotional wounds and will be a challenge while you are in it but the promise of transformation for good is such a refreshing thing. Scorpio is the sign of things unrevealed and hidden away, especially those in love relationships and Venus will bring those out.

This month will be intense revelation but also extreme freedom of exposing what is no longer serving you once and for all. Use this energy to have the courage to face your demons head on and create a plan to expand once and for all. I am going to use the new moon energy to create a lunar cycle plan of clearing my romantic limiting beliefs and write out a manifestation list of exactly what I want. For the new moon I will have a post outlining the ritual I will perform and the steps I will be taking daily to move through this retrograde and use it to benefit me. My main focus right now is clearing the block from the heart chakra, the place that affects love and money. There will be so much liberation by the end of the month and you will start to see the manifestations. It is truly a magical month, use the magic energy to make a transformation once and for all and start living your most authentic life before the new year.

On October 2nd (today) Mercury is square pluto. My sign is ruled by mercury so I know I will definitely feel a heightened sense of this. Those thoughts you have on loop, the ones that you cant shake are brought to light today. You have the reoccurring thoughts because of fear and an old pattern. This comes from not feeling in control. Ask yourself why you have these thoughts and let that answer free you to move through them. Remember that the more you think those limiting thoughts the more you are holding your manifestations away. Release all control, set the intention that today you will let the thoughts go and see how things start to shift.

I will have a new moon post soon!! Happy high vibing, xo

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