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Harvest Moon Photo Shoot


I had been planning this full moon shoot with Katie Benfey for a while. Many months in the making and we finally settled on the Harvest Full moon in September. This Harvest Full Moon is the basis of a short film I created and a special event that each year brings new blessings for me, it is also my favourite song by Neil Young. With the intention of creating images that have the haunting essence of the moon we decided to venture north to Collingwood, Katie’s hometown, and used the back roads as our landscape. Through many failed attempts at finding a “safe” abandoned barn to shoot at we finally found one at the end of our day just in time for the sunset. The photos are a reflection of the new brand I am creating Topanga Moon, mystical and tied to the ceremony of the earth. Enjoy this gorgeous series shot by my beautiful and insanely talented friend Katie Benfey.

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