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The Magic Kingdom

Jen Squires Photography

Jen Squires Photography

Two weeks ago I was out with one of my best friend’s, Katie Boland, and we were many drinks in and singing to oldies tunes at an Irish pub when I got a text from Angela of The Fitzroy. It was late and the text read something like, “Can you come style something for us, we are going for a witchy studio 54.” Besides being a couple drinks in I immediately responded with a yes, when it comes to my Fizroy gals I want to be a part of anything they create! The next day I showed up to our super secret project in the Junction and began transforming the warehouse space into a dark and magical dream. I can’t give away this project until its release but know that what they are creating is a magic kingdom! We worked on this creative into the wee hours of the night, the witching hour if you will (staying on brand here) and I was able to snap some quick photos with one of my fave photographers in the city who happened to be at the shoot! Jen Squires is such a cool creative and I am always in love with the things we get to create together, she always brings out an edginess in me. Here are the snaps we took for fun, I was prancing around in a new Fitzroy piece, a faux fur coat you’ll be able to rent from their studio! How Stevie Nicks of me.

Photography: Jen Squires

Coat and space: The Fitzroy

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