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Bath Ritual for High Vibing


If you know me you know that I love rituals! I am even launching a company soon based on moon rituals. Rituals have healed me in so many ways, they have helped me manifest beautiful things and have really changed my mood whenever I am feeling down. This bath ritual is all about ultimate relaxation and raising those vibes. Water is such a powerful force and can be so healing for our bodies, we are made up of mostly water and the moon phases can affect the tides, so much of our life is directed by water. It is also Pisces season, the watery sign asking us to submerge. Getting into the flow, letting the current take you and watching things drift away as the flower petals drift in the bath. 

What you will need for this bath ritual:

Candles (ritual candle by Topanga Moon) / flowers / bath salts (wild honey botanicals) / lavender / crystals / sage

I used flowers that were in my house and enjoyed for a couple days before putting them in the bath. The crystals I used were clear quartz, all around powerful energy cleansing crystal. Lavender gives such a soothing scent and the ritual candle gave off a sublet floral and vanilla scent. I filled the bath and used sage to cleanse the area before stepping in. I also made a ritual playlist of beautiful vibing songs to set the mood. Before entering the bath I thought of the things I wanted to let go of that weren't serving me and the things I wanted to bless and create. The act of stepping into the bath salt and flower water is a powerful intention symbol. You cleanse the blocks in your life and surrender to the beautiful things you are calling in. While in the bath you can visualize your desires and know that the water vibration is bringing them to you. It is such a soothing and sacred experience and will bring your bath time to the next level. Try this at night and add more candles for a more romantic vibe to call in a love partner. 

Did you enjoy this ritual? Let me know in the comments below.

xoxo Ana 

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