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Valentine's Day Style with Fitzroy


Valentine's day is approaching and if you need a killer dress my lady loves at Fitzroy have the best selection. Whether you are hanging solo, have a hot date, hanging with the gals, going to dinner with your mom, whatever the occasion dressing up in something pretty will make it all the more fun. Bonus that you can rent the dress so there is really no guilt. And hey if you want to stay home and have your own dance party like me, wearing a lovely frock is the way to go! I had so much fun putting this shoot together and design a love filled gallery wall (vision board lol) and got to hang out at the studio with the best most creative loving gals. Thanks to my Fitzroy loves for having the best style and making renting so easy and fun and to Jen for her unreal photography and always good vibes, oh and Shanique for being my babely model buddy...can you tell I love all these girls so much!!! Find your tribe and you will always find joy.

Happy love day, xoxo