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Love List


This is not the kinda love list you might be expecting. You know that manifesting love list to find your soulmate. That love list is super relevant and has definitely worked for people and I will blog about it one day but this love list is all the links to resources I am digging right now. This is my list of favourite wellness-y sources, so sit back with some wine (organic is best) and check out my faves...

Online vintage shop I am obsessed with:  this vintage shop is based in BC and the gorgeous owner/curator has the coolest life and coolest aesthetic and brand. Always choose vintage when you can to help mama earth.

Podcast I can't get enough of:  He is a super inspiring ultra endurance athlete and plant power diet advocate. His life story is one of my biggest inspirations. I go on my runs and listen to his podcast for motivation. 

Manifesting blog and courses: I found Lacy's work through word of mouth and after listening to her on several blogs I was so into what she was teaching. I purchased her reparent course and have been a fan of her unique take on manifesting (ps it takes deep work). 

I just watched this youtube video interview by Marie Forleo and Seth Godin and I loved it. It's called the truth about your calling and really pushes you to just start! Seth writes a new blog post everyday and inspired me to start creating more! Even if it is not perfect because maybe by creating there is something I can learn for myself. So many truths in this one. 

I have been trying to learn how to do a handstand so I have been practicing yoga everyday. Today I held a handstand for maybe 5 seconds but just the other day I couldn't even lift both my feet in the air at the same time, progress! Here are the yogis helping me learn: Gypsyon yoga, Yoga with Adriene, and Kino Yoga

I just discovered this new wellness website called Your Zen Life created by actress Teresa Palmer. She also does these youtube talks called Tez Talks and I love them!! She is so real in them, no crazy production of any kind, just her sitting in her house talking to the camera about her wellness journey and its so refreshing. She is making me so inspired for my youtube channel which I should really just start now! 

Want more manifesting tips? Leeor Alexander is a youtuber and manifestation expert. Seriously I love her advice and her manifestation mondays videos! 

Getting into plant based food and need some recipes? I love the minimalist baker blog, great photos and simple recipes that even I can make!

New coffee obsession!! Canyon coffee is now my new fav from LA. 

Beautiful ceramics brands coming from my future home base Topanga Canyon (manifesting it!) is called Earth + Element

Oh and my new moon ritual biz will be launching soon (April) and its called Topanga Moon! I will keep you posted on that here. 

Those are my current loves and I will be adding to the list in future love list blogs, xoxo