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March New Moon Ritual


Hello loves, I am so excited to talk to you about this March new moon. It is happening on the 17th and is in the intuitive sign of Pisces. This one will bring a sense of conclusion as it is the last one of the zodiac season. Which feels really amazing as we prepare for spring and a fresh start. It will also give us a bigger picture of the last year and for a lot of us that has been an intense one. Think back on March 2017 and see if there are any theme resurfacing. Pisces is a water sign and making us feel more fluid in the new direction and completion of the old. Now if you have been feeling any stressful emotions coming up this week it is because of the close alignment to the planet Chiron, the wounded healer. This wound is surfacing for fast healing, so if there is one area of your life that is causing this anxiety, Saturday's new moon is the best time to address it. 

To move past the things that are no longer serving you I created a new moon ritual for this month which you can find on my YouTube channel. It is a simple and powerful letting go ceremony that i practiced with my friend Amanda from @itsbluberrymoon. Check it out and I hope you subscribe for more moon rituals and interviews coming to the channel soon! 

Happy high vibing!