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Rituals for more Travel


Before the launch on my new biz Topanga Moon I have been diving into topics of rituals and how they add so much to our life. Since the biz is about moon rituals I have been talking about all the other rituals I do on my new YouTube channel and its been so fun to create. It also has made me realize how many incredible adventures I have gone on and has made me pretty grateful. Here are my three rituals that I do to create more travel in my life.

1 // Lists: I create lists for things I want to create in my life all the time. I make a specific list for travel and usually create them on the new moon, full moon or the start of a new season. Once I create the list I put it away and continue to bring joy into my life.

2 // Create the mood: Do things to make you feel like you are experiencing the travel before the travel. For me that is creating travel playlists so I can listen to music that makes me feel like I am in the place. Also creating folders on my airbnb account of dream places I want to stay in. I have stayed in so many of my saved airbnb places and most times I don't realize that I saved them until I am on the trip!

3 // Journaling and scripting: I discovered this technique by accident. I wrote a travel destination in one of my scripts and a couple years later I was there! I didn't even realize I went to this specific location until I came home and was reviewing my script. This works for journaling as well. 

I hope you enjoy these fun tips! You can watch the YouTube video here and watch me chat up a storm. 

xoxo, Ana 

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