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April New Moon


This April new moon is in Aries and marks the start of the lunar calendar and I couldn't be more excited! Aries is the trailblazer, very independent, passionate and vibrant. All the newness and new energy vibes to bring us into spring, well spring for everyone else who doesn't live in Toronto and our current snow storm! Still there is so much excitement in the air with all the new as I write this post while listening to a new moon playlist by The Joshua Tree House on spotify (perfect combo). You may have felt things coming to an end this past month in areas of career and romance, plus we had the addition of our unliked friend mercury retrograde. We are in an important time for new thoughts, new steps and strategies to overcome the issues we face with freedom, equality and our environmental protection. It is so evident that things are being brought to the surface for change, we just had a freak snow storm in the middle of April in Toronto while New York is all warm and fun. These contrasting weather patterns along with all the increase in natural disasters all over the world should be our wake up call!! Long overdue as we are now experiencing the effects of our lack of care for the planet. We need strong leaders who care deeply for the planet to be examples. How can you change your own actions to be that example? The smallest shift does make a difference as it changes your own behaviour and the way you will start to do other things. The thoughtful and loving actions will be felt and seen by others, this creates the ripple. 

Lets use the energy of the new moon to make conscious steps to bettering ourselves, our planet and others. We are a community and all linked, what happens in other places in the world will affect us. loving new thoughts will start to change your behaviour and actions. Use the start of the lunar calendar to change a belief you have held that no longer serves you. The new moon is a beautiful time to set the intention of change for the next lunar phase. Tonight set aside some time for positive intentions and a moon ritual. I will be sharing a course soon on how to use the moon phases to change beliefs that no longer serve! Here are three things you can do now for this April new moon. 

1 // Create a daily ritual. Consistency is key when changing belief patterns. Start on the new moon and set an intention for an action you can do until the full moon on April 30th. Get a calendar and track the days of this intention. Maybe it is 5 mins of meditation every morning, a daily yoga practice or a mantra you tell yourself everyday! The power is in doing it daily so your thoughts can create new pathways and be imprinted. 

2 // Set a goal for the next new moon in May. Use the energy of the new moon to decide an attainable goal you can do in the next month. Set a positive goal and then set action steps you can take weekly to accomplish that goal. Maybe your goal is healthier eating so each week you can set the goal of certain days you will be preparing your own food and adding in morning smoothie bowls. Once again it is about creating that pattern. 

3 // Self care is really important to create lasting change. We need to sooth our souls to have new beliefs stick. A calm mind and body is so much more creative and able to take on new goals with ease. Tonight have a new moon bath, light some candles, play some soothing tunes and get those bath salts for a relaxing night as you settle into the new moon. 

Happy new moon loves and always happy high vibes!

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