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May New Moon


The weather is finally FINALLY getting nicer and everything is starting to bloom. There is just something really magical about the changing of seasons, like I can feel an energy shift, my mind is clearing and my heart is feeling hopeful. Today is the new moon in Taurus and Uranus is moving into Taurus for the next 7 years! Uranus is the rebellious planet so expect some unexpected twists and turns to the plot of your life. The planet is also considered the great awakener, a fitting description of what feels like is happening in our world right now. Major shifts and awakening are taking place and is much needed. It is all about freedom, the rebels and the awakeners of higher consciousness. 

This is a good time to work with our senses and intuition, to step beyond the normal and create a new normal that is in tune with the planet and our own cosmic needs. This is the time to look within and really decide what is vibrating with your highest good, what you came here to do and have the courage to accomplish it. Is there a calling you are not experiencing because of your fears? Use this energy to step up and work on leaving this planet a little better than when you arrived, this will ignite your soul and bring beautiful experiences that is sure to bring much happiness. Go after exactly what you want!! You are being called to it for a reason and confidence in your actions is key. This confidence will have to come from a self awareness and self loving place which is why cultivating self care is soooo essential. When we can love ourselves we can love others better. This new moon energy is all about breaking new ground! I am calling it the new frontier of the cosmos, it is a very exciting and liberating time. 

My outfit is completely vintage as I work towards ever more sustainable practices in all areas of my life. I found a great new vintage shop in Toronto called Black Diamond Vintage. 

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