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There is a back alley behind my house and I found this perfect little camper. There is also a turquoise vintage pick-up truck that is usually parked beside it, two gems randomly parked in my neighbourhood. I have always had a thing for camping and specifically camper vans. It is definitely a dream of mine to find an old one, restore it and then travel through the southern states of America. On this very American experience I will stop at all the flea markets, have bon fires every night and wear all the denim. When I was growing up I wasn't that into the whole camping/trailer thing but my dad loved the outdoors so that is all we did during our summers. Our family even owned a trailer parked in a camping trailer park at one point. I was maybe 12 years old and hated going there for some reason. It was definitely the trailer park lifestyle with the grungy looking pool and tiny worn down convenience store filled with country candy and caned goods. 

I look back on that now and think how much I would love it today and maybe how all those camping experiences influenced my current love of camping and the wilderness. It's funny how the things we grow up with have such an effect on our tastes in the future. I find my interests and aesthetic always changing as I grow and sometimes on a daily basis. It is definitely the struggle for me, having varied desires and trying to juggle the ever changing landscape of my mind. Maybe that is just the way I was built, to want to try it all at least once and have such a vast experience here. My ideas are endless and my only setback is time! 

Here I am wearing a new vintage denim jacket, my sailor hat from Croatia and a Neil Young t-shirt. 

ana alic