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June New Moon


I love June! And not just because it is my birthday month but because it always has the best weather and best adventures. I always feel really creative this month and tend to do a lot of things. This June new moon is a super powerful one, a supermoon actually and it couldn't have came at a better time. This new moon is heavily influenced by a star cluster and will bring all the luck and not just on the 13th but a good two weeks after the new moon has come and gone. The energy of this new moon will remain and bring lucky days along with it. The lunar energy is stronger and brings with it the conclusion of a six month cosmic cycle. Whatever may have come up in the beginning of the year is now ready to move forward. This will fully realize when we bring in the summer solstice, the first day of summer and the beginning of a brand new cycle. 

On this lucky new moon it is important to pay attention to what you wish for, what you intend and what your thoughts hold. It is a painting a picture and what you think will come to be. You can enhance those wishes and intentions by doing ritual, lately I have been spraying a loving energy room spray by madame phoenix. It not only smells amazing but brings all the high vibes. It is also so important to let the intentions go, don't focus on them too much, go do something that brings you joy and watch how manifestations will appear in your life. I have been intending to have more financial abundance and the other day I received a random cheque in the mail but a film project I did YEARS ago. It wasn't much but a fun little sign that more was on the way. 

The new moon in Gemini has a big focus on the mind and communication. It is asking us to consider what has been predominately on our minds and what positive or negative thinking patterns we have. More importantly than setting intentions with the mind is to set them with your heart. Your emotions are everything when it comes to manifesting, so use your mind to consider what your blocks are and work through your heart to release them. The best way is to focus on your authentic self and reprogram those limiting beliefs, set an intention to do a task everyday that will bring you closer to your authentic self. And then have fun!! joy is the number one way to manifest, always!! 

Happy High Vibing!!! xoxo

Here is a photo shoot from my recent adventure with

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