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July Full Moon in Aquarius

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Full moon in Aquarius today is a lunar eclipse! There is alot happening in the cosmos right now, not only do we have this lunar eclipse full moon but we also started mercury retrograde, anyone feeling it?! (I already received a terrifying scam email so retrograde it totally in effect). But not to fear this full moon is actually referred to as the blessing moon. The intensity you may be feeling is real, a full moon eclipse always brings up emotions and this one will be the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century. There will be a time of darkness in the sky, that is the time to go within, discover your fears and realign to the magic of the world, this is actually a very sacred time for manifesting. To create great shifts it is more about letting go what is not serving you so you can believe in what is possible. This eclipse is a path opener and a very good time for transition! What do you really want from your life? Now is the time to call it in. 

The full moon takes place in Aquarius known as the airy humanitarian. Aquarians wish to have total freedom, freedom to roam the world and bring people together for a social cause. This full moon will ask you to bring out your authentic self, all your weirdness and uniqueness. With this aquarian energy it is important to have gratitude and bless all that you have. Then look for your own unique gifts and how they can help the world. We are all given special abilities and gifts to impact others, this is the moon to utilize them. When your purpose and what you love align that is when you are most magnetic. Use this full moon energy to get clear on what brings you joy and how you can create the life you've always wanted, this is the time!! Light some candles, burn that sage and write a letter to yourself on the path you wish to take and watch how the universe conspires for you. 

I pulled a crystal card for us all today, it is: Jasper Red which means nurture, care, protection, energy, life force...calling us to care for something or someone. 

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