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August New Moon Solar Eclipse


There is a new moon and solar eclipse in the fierce sign of Leo today. This month has felt very untamed, we've all been influenced by the energetics of the retrogrades and eclipse season. You probably felt some shifts this month and it has all been leading you to this very moment, this very moon. It is a rebirth new moon in a way, we have finally pushed through everything we are feeling to come to this conclusion. The solar eclipse brings forth so much energy and as the new moon is always a time of manifestation, this solar energy pushes that forward even more. 

It is a huge transformational time, the peak of the summer season. I have been seeing butterflies everywhere I go the last week, a major sign of the shift that can occur if you allow it. I have also been having intense dreams, write your dreams down tonight and take in the message. My dream last night was interpreted as the things that I have perceived to have been stolen from me were actually there all along, and returned back with patience, grace and confidence. Look to your intuition right now, it will give you stronger insights with the power of the moon. 

This new moon in Leo brings more energy in creativity and romance!!! Take in and emit those loving vibrations and let your soul be seen by those you love. Make loving intentions for yourself and write out exactly what you want from life! The new moon energy will carry those intentions. It brings an opportunity to show up more fully and present as you are, you had to go through some rocky things this month to arrive right here. Now it is all about the courage, just like the lion, to step into your authentic path, what does your heart fully crave - do not be afraid to go after it. 

A ritual for the new moon solar eclipse is to light some candles under the moon energy and write out a story of your beautiful dream life. Don't leave out any detail and have fun describing exactly how you want your life to be. You can even write out a manifestation list of things you want to create for the rest of this year. This is like creating a little prayer to the universe, then believe it and take the action for it. You will see it when you believe it.

New Moon affirmation: I create abundantly and am on the path to my highest good, I have everything I need for my dream life. 

Happy high vibing!! xoxo


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